Friday, August 8, 2008

So far so good

We had an appointment today with the pediatrician and all looks good. Looks like the antibiotics are working for her infection. She has been more like herself the last few days and starting to even eat a little more at one time. She weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces today. We were thrilled with that! She is actually starting to outgrow her newborn outfits. That's right, she is still in newborn size things. Maybe one more week and then we will have to move on to the next size. Kinda makes me sad but the faster she grows, the faster we can get to that critical second surgery. Trust me, that can't come fast enough!
Anyway, here are some pictures that I have taken within the last few days. Love the one of Cruz? He used to sit in that seat too. Kinda big for it now huh? He was so proud to sit in it. So cute!
Does anyone get the idea that she spends allot of time in her car seat? Well, ever since she was diagnosed with reflux, that has been her bed. It just works perfect for her to have her head elevated to reduce the chance that she throws up. So far so good. She hasn't done it once!
So, that is our update from the last few days. Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful summer. We are getting out in the sun as much as we can. :-)
Heart Hugs and Love,


Anonymous said...

Suzie, How did you know that that version of "Over the Rainbow" is one of my favorite songs! How appropriate is that. Thank you for all the updates on the "Princess". She is such a cutie! I can't believe Cruz is in that little seat, he is just too funny! Keep the good news coming! God Bless you and yours! Sara Dziewicki

Anonymous said...

Well...Grndma Elaine laughed out loud when she saw Cruz in the baby seat...Hilarious!!! He always knows how to brighten your day, doesn't he?
Lindsay looks wonderful and so cute in pink! Using the car seat for reflux sleeping is a stroke of genius...why didn't we think of that with Avery??
As always, we are thinking about all of you and praying...

Love, Elaine and Bill

dani said...

I love her flower pj's! She is too cute. I cannot wait to see her again. Oh. by the way Brooke is still in newborn too! crazy little kids...where do mine come from....4 months and still a peanut. our pictures of the girls will be so cute! can't wait!

love you...

jen said...

What cute pictures! Glad all is going well.

Anonymous said...

So happy things are going well. We can't wait to see her again. She is so adorable, Cole and Cruz too. We don't want to forget about them. Hope to see you this weekend. Take care, Love~Sarah