Thursday, June 19, 2008

Update on surgery

It's 5:00pm and the Dr. just came in....he used that "fantastic" word again and that Lindsay's doing great. He went ahead and closed her chest after fixing the shunt and said that will never have to be fixed again. He mentioned other bumps in the road may happen, but this one's fixed.

He also said that they knew right away that Lindsay has a good heart (even if it's half) because it started pumping right away.

I hope to do pictures when we're allowed in and it's going to be exciting to have her chest closed.

Heart hugs and continued prayers.



The Winter Family said...

I'll take the stalker status... Praise GOD! We will be thinking of you all this evening. love,
Bob, Steph, Garrett, Will and Maggie

Anonymous said...

Staljer status is for Angie and I also. We have been waiting all afternoon. (well in between us working so HARD) Glad to hear the word fantastic again, it's my new favorite word. Take care

Anonymous said...

woops, i can't spell I ment Stalker, not Staljer! Sorry!

patti vanhuizen said...

That is excellent news!! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Anonymous said...

Living in the country land of dial up; I was not able to send a message earlier today. But your little Lindsay was in my thoughts all day. So happy to hear that the Dr used that word "fantastic" again.
Hold each other and keep strong. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I just caught up on the last couple days. Connected to DSL, so haven't had internet. So very happy Lindsay is doing well.
Her pictures are just precious! Suzie, your family is beautiful. I'm sending all my love, hugs and
prayers. Beth Carpenter

Anonymous said...

Gotta stop making me cry at work! Looking forward to the next round of pictures. Hope you are all able to get a good night's sleep tonight knowing that she's all closed up.
Much love, Debbie (and Rick)

Shannon Poortenga said...

Throw me in as a Stalker too !!!!! That's not going to change though - we are all just so grateful for your updates Linda. So wonderful that prayers are being answered and that the surgeons are so pleased with Lindsay's progress, that's AWESOME. Hugs and love to you all for a restful, peaceful night. Love,

Anonymous said...

Thank God Lindsay is doing good. The had Lindsay birth in tonight paper. I will try to get some copies for you. JR when you get home we will have you over for dinner, let me know when you wnnt to come over. Give me a call when you get back home. I will be thinking about you all this evening. Lots of Love Aunt Retta and Uncle Wade.

aimee said...

So glad I'm not the only stalker in the group! We're all just so drawn to your family and to sweet little Lindsay. Having one of my own, I'm so inspired by your beautiful "miracle baby". Thank God she is in such good hands. This blog is just amazing and I'll continue to check it faithfully and pray for your family often.

Aimee Gillespie

Anonymous said...

In the the last comment it should have been they had, not the. This is the start of my day. I must need another cup of coffee. Will I must get ready to go to work. Lots of Loev Aunt Retta

Tina said...

Dear Suzie, Jr, and Lindsay,

I am a Stalker also, but the only problem is at work today, we are doing construction on the High School and the excavation company cut yes "CUT" the internet fiber so I haven't been able to look all day. Was about to freak out than I get home and my computer would come up here either. So finally it came up and see what I missed. I am so glad the Dr fixed the problem and she is doing good. I know she is strong I could tell when I saw her on Saturday, stay strong Mom and Dad she is just testing you.

Love you lots,

Steve and Tina

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad that she is doing so well. Can't wait to see more pictures-she is such a cutie!! I think she looks like her daddy.