Monday, July 21, 2008

Vent is gone!!!

Well, Miss Lindsay had a pretty darned good day. The vent came out this afternoon and the only IV medication that she is on is melrinone. About the same equivalent to the captopril that she was on at home. They have started to reduce that and begin the captopril again. These two drugs reduce the work load on the heart. As you can tell, she looks like she is feeling much better and looking more like the princess that she is. :-)
If you haven't caught it yet, notice that the blanket has her named perfectly monogrammed. Thank you so much Deb Ferrell for the beautiful gift for Lindsay. She is definitely our little princess!
On another note, we have had quite the month of July. What is that expression......when it rains, it pours?!! Bill, my step-dad, is just two floors below Lindsay at the hospital because after some tests, we found out that he had a stroke. Did I mention that July has not been my favorite??? So, if you would, please say an extra prayer tonight that he and Lindsay both have speedy recoveries. We also learned tonight that our special heart friends Amanda and Jason are taking their heart baby Carlee to the hospital tonight to get her checked out for aspiration as well. We have been in contact with them ever since leaving U of M and decided to get her checked out because she has come down with the same symptoms as Lindsay. Before going through what we just did, they went ahead and took her in with our advise to do so. These two girls are scary. When one had a collapsed lung in the PICU, then the other followed suit. This went on for a couple of other things too and it got to be pretty funny. It was like they were working together to get better. We are praying tonight for their family as well that Carlee comes back with a good report.
Off to bed I go.
Heart hugs and love,


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Princess Lindsay...she is the BEST!!! What a strong little girl!

Linda...good grief! I have been thinking about you all day, but every time I went to call you to see about Bill's doctor's appt, work derailed me. I guess there is a reason I kept trying to get to you. If you need me, call ANY time...unfortunately I know a lot about having a stroke! We will add Bill to our prayers and pray extra hard for you as you go back and forth between floors!

Extra love tonight, Elaine

Anonymous said...

Such good news! And she looks so great!
We'll sleep so much better tonight with this news. Wish all of your other "stalkers" were able to get the positive update before they sleep, but I'm sure that will start their day off well when they read it in the morning.
Hope you and JR are able to get some good rest this evening and prepare for another love and support day tomorrow.
Our prayers and best wishes to Grandma and "Grandpa Bill", too. We'll talk with you later. You'll need your own blog soon! Had to "one-up" Grandpa Don, huh???? Get well!
All our love, Debbie and Rick

Simmons Family: said...

Oh... I just caught up on your blog and I am so sorry for the scare with Lindsay! I now how aweful it is to hear "we don't like her squeeze"... the milrinone should help with that. So glad to hear she is off the vent and doing well. I will have to check back more often...that little girly is keeping you on your toes!


Anonymous said...

I am glad Lindsay is doing good. sorry to here about Bill hope he doing is better. Lindsay does look good. /hope she will come home soon. My thoughts and prays are with all of you. Love Aunt Retta and Wade.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I didn't check the site for a few days and it looks like I missed a whole lot!
We hope Lindsay, Bill, and the rest of the family can feel the love and prayers coming that way. We hope they both get out of the hospital real soon.

Mark, Barb, & Chad

Anonymous said...

Lindsay you look beautiful today, especially with your new blanket keep on improving! I'm praying for you Bill & Carlee. Mary (Rettas friend)

jen hnilo said...

What a month for your family! Prayers for Bill, Lindsay and Carlee. I am glad that Lindsay is on the road to recovery. Thoughts and prayers....

aimee said...

She looks wonderful! What a little fighter. I'm so glad to see that she's doing better. We'll add your step-dad as well as baby Carlee to our daily prayers. If there's anything you need or anything we can do, please let us know. We're only a phone call or e-mail away! And, look on the bright side... July is almost over!


Anonymous said...

Great news! So glad to hear Lindsay's vent is gone and she's doing well. Know you have bunches of stuff on your plate, Suzie sister-friend, but I miss talking to you and hope you'll call me when you get a chance. Please let Bill know that I'm praying for him, too. Healthy heart hugs from Rebecca

diana said...

Boy, what a scare, I'm sure glad Lindsay is doing so much better. Thinking about you often. Prayers for Princess Lindsay and Bill. Hope he is doing better as well.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you guys and hoping you all are continuing to do well.

Healthy heart hugs,

Rebecca & the boys