Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday Princess!

My personal favorite ;-) She is growing too fast!!!!! Annabelle would be so proud of my bow!
Here ya go Mandy! The princess has a little "southern bell" in her! ;-) And I love it! We even went with a smocked christmas dress too. (The red one in the other pics.) Enjoy!

So sweet!


" You said what"?

Hey! Come back here................

Where's Lindsay? PEEK!


Today Lindsay is 18 months old and her heart is 6 months (as of the 5th anyway). Can you believe it?!! Emotional isn't the word to describe what we are gong through! So grateful, humbled, and blessed to be able to see this day and the days ahead in her lifetime. Lindsay of course is crawling now and getting speedier by the day. Let's just say the gates have been busted out of storage! ;-) She is very good at pulling herself up and if i were a betting woman, I would bet that she will be walking by February. We shall see! Lindsay is doing better with real food and has been totally weened from her thickened formula. Now that is a HUGE step! It was a little nerve wracking going to just plain Nutren Junior. I was waiting for the throw to happen at any moment after I fed her. But, it didn't! SOOOO grateful. Amazing what a good ticker can do. Lindsay hasn't puked for almost 3 months now so I think we are over that whole phase in her "sick heart" life. Her last clinic visit was in early November and Dr Gajarski said that she looked incredible and was so happy with how she was improving. No talk yet of a biopsy which is phenomenal! I'm sure it will come eventually, but for the time being, we will take it! Lindsay is definitely developing her own personality (yeah, like she didn't have one before......princess!! ha ha) and is starting to become a "normal" toddler. The tantrums and everything people! ha ha I will NEVER complain about that!!!!! God is good! Also, on her last clinic visit, we discussed her elevated heart rate and Dr. G discussed putting her on a Holt monitor, so that is what we did for a 24 hour period of time. It was decided that her resting heart rate was in the high 140's. Not exactly ideal but not that unheard of in a transplanted infant. So, she was put on a new medication to try and get that lowered a bit. We will find out for sure when i take her into the cardiologist here in town and check it. Maybe that will be on my list for next week.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that were able to come out to help support William and Make A Wish Michigan for Team Taylor. Although a less than desirable day weather wise, they we able to raise about $2000.00 to help to make William's wish a reality. I went out that day as well and was bummed that I missed meeting William himself, but I am sure that he is one thrilled little 5 year old! So blessed to have an organization like Make A Wish. His smile alone is worth all the effort!
Well, Christmas is almost here. (big sigh!) Again with the emotion blessed to share this with our home. Decorations are going up little by little......still no tree. Long story about that but we will finally have it up by the end of next week and I can't wait! Then there is the wrapping obstacle! Ugh! I should really learn to wrap as I buy! ha ha Again, NOT complaining! ;-)
Enjoy the new photos of the Princess! Once again, Patti rocked it! I will post more candids later on.
Love to you all!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Paying It Forward Project To Help William!!!!!!!

Tomorrow, WKZO's Lori Moore will be at Don's Card Hut at Southland from 11am - 1pm autographing her Holiday Dish To Pass 2009 cookbook. The cookbooks are only $5.00 each (or more if you choose to donate more) and 100% goes directly to MAW (Make A Wish) Michigan who has chosen a 5 year old Kalamazoo boy named William to receive his wish of going to Disney for the holidays. Wouldn't it be great if we played a part in sending him?

If you are not able to attend this live event and want to purchase a cookbook, please e-mail Linda at and I will see to it that you receive the cookbook and get the money to MAW Michigan.

Every dollar raised will be credited to Team Taylor, Rob Grainger's bike team that rides 300 miles every summer to raise money for MAW Michigan. Many of you know that Taylor was my former neighbor girl who was born with HLHS and lost her battle at age 15 before she received her wish.

Heart Hugs,
Linda (Lindsay's Grandma)