Thursday, December 30, 2010


I have finally found some time, and energy, to post an update on our very special princess! I know you all were about ready to throw things at me but we have had a crazy last couple of months and as I type this, we are enjoying one of our last nights on vacation in Pensacola, Florida with my mom, step-dad, my brother, and my two nephews. It has been a great week spending time with all of them here at the beach (even though the weather is not exactly beach weather). Memories have been made and we hope to do this again soon! If you aren't friends with me yet on Facebook, find me and you can see a sneak at some of the pictures from the trip. I will upload them on here pretty soon :-)
Well, these last couple of months, thankfully, haven't really been about the princess! Believe it or not! She has been pretty darned healthy despite a short 12hour case of the flu about a week and a half ago (along with the other 4 of us! Ugh!). Good thing that this happened before the trip! Although, it made for some pretty tough packing when you don't feel well. But, we muscled through it and have been enjoying our Christmas getaway.
Lindsay's last clinic visit in November couldn't have gone any better! She passed everything with flying colors and still no word or mention of a biopsy. (knocking on wood as I type that! Lol) She has had the typical, and normal, ear infections along the way. Nothing that a little Augmentin can't cure. She still reacts more severe than a normal child would to a simple ear infection, but that is just how it is going to be with her rejection drugs keeping her immune system down. We have been super careful about keeping her healthy but as I mentioned earlier, she still ended up sick. Sometimes all the sanitizer in the world can't beat those nasty bugs! Thanking God that we didn't end up in Ann Arbor for that one! She doesn't have to go to clinic until February!
Lindsay has been making HUGE strides in her speech these last few months as well! She is combining 4-5 words together and she is actually comprehending what we say even more. She is growing into such an incredible little girl. Not my baby anymore :-( the biggest news is that she weened her binky! Next is the potty training but we take one thing at a time and you know the princess! In her own time. Lol
We have been continually blessed by the support of our friends and family with more fundraisers in the last few months. I cannot even begin to tell you how much these meant to us and made it possible to pay some bills that we were not able to pay. Praying everyday that 2011 gives us an answer as to how to make things easier for our family. But for now, I stay at home, building my photography business and selling travel as the season rolls around to booking those spring break trips! Referrals are always welcome :-)
Before we left for this vacation, I started a little fundraiser for special Christmas edition Love from Lindsay Baskets. I was hoping to raise enough for at least 10 baskets but much to my surprise, we raised enough for 20! My heart is full! Thank you to those that supported this special delivery! We collected some super cute items for the baskets and I thought they turned out just fantastic! A special thank you to my mom for sewing the receiving blankets in my absence because I was down in bed with the flu and for helping me put them together when I was too weak. Love you, Mom! Also, a special thank you to my bff, Dani, for going with me on the delivery.
These last couple of months I have had some medical issues but finally got them straightened out and I am starting to feel like myself again. Hence, the not updating in a while. So, for that, I apologize. I never intended for 2 months to hqve passed and I do have to say, I missed all of you! I promise to add photos to this post when I get back, but for now, you can see them on facebook. :-)
I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! Here's to hoping that 2011 goes smoothly and there is no rejection in site!
Heart Blessings~