Saturday, October 31, 2009

Much better this year!

Well, this time last year Lindsay was on a ventilator and trying to recover from a serious blood infection. This year..........she was home and in costume!!! God is so good! I do have to say that this may be the cutest little kitty in the land!
Again, I had tears after taking this. Each holiday and event will be that way from now on I think. We thank God every day that we get this chance with her. My Batman and PowerRanger were pretty darned handsome too!
I will post more photos tomorrow of our latest happenings and a very special photo of three very special transplant patients.........and all out of the hospital!!!!!
Heart Blessings~

Friday, October 23, 2009


JR went to the Dr. this week and has another 3 weeks off work. Ouch! We know that this isn't what they needed with Suzie not being able to work, but we feel that we can help them out, but we need your help.
We've decided to have an indoor "garage" sale Saturday, October 31st 9am-4pm at the Parchment United Methodist Church, 225 Glendale Blvd.
What can you do to help you might ask?
Clean out your garage or basement. We can use your donations which can be dropped off at the church on Friday, Oct. 30th 1:00pm - 3:00pm or 5:00pm - 8:00pm. Please have items garage sale priced to sell. All leftover items will be "paid forward" and donated to the Salvation Army.
If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help, please call Linda at 269-547-9279.
Thank you all for everything you do to help the Dean's get through this.
The Lindsay Dean Heart Fund Committee

Monday, October 19, 2009

Poop and Discharge

Well, since I couldn't post yesterday, I will give you a little update. Yesterday was a little frustrating because we were told "no" again about going home because she was still pooping too much and not taking enough fluid in to maintain what was coming out. They wanted to hydrate her some more and see how she does and if her stools subside a little. If she tolerated a "bunch" more fluid, then we could leave tomorrow (which is today). So, we were bound a determined to make that happen and the princess succeeded!!! However, what started this whole thing was the concern of her higher than normal heart rate thinking that this was a little to do with her being dry. Well, after a fabulous day of drinking and lots of peeing, the heart rate didn't hardly budge and her rate awake and playing is still in the 150's. This should be around 120-130. (that seems to be her normal anyway) Things that make you go mmmmmmmm. All in all, she tolerated more fluid and they don't seem as concerned with her heart rate so..........we got to go home (hence the discharge title in case you were wondering what that meant!! ha ha ) YEAH!!!! Thanks for all of the prayers! They continue to work. God is good!
Love, Suzie

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not today......

Well, the verdict is that we are not going home today. The question is now is if she is a little dry. JR and I are totally not going along with that idea because her eye lids are a little puffy which indicates to me that she may be the complete opposite. So, we are waiting to hear whether or not they will get some blood to determine exactly what she is. All of this concern is because her heart rate is still a little higher than it should be and we totally agree with that. I am just concerned that we will fluid over load if we just "assume" that she is dry and then we are dealing with chest tubes and lasix and I certainly DON'T want to go there! All in all, we are confident that the right decisions will be made but it just might not be in a very timely manner especially since it's on a weekend! grrrrrrr! So, it looks like another day of football and some cuddle time with the princess. Hopefully tomorrow will be the we are told anyway. ;-)
Some other changes have been made which I am totally excited about! We can change her formula from 24cal Enfamil AR to Nutren Junior!!! This means no more blender for Suzie!! WOOHOOO!!!!! This comes already mixed and in a can! WOW! That means no more preparing for the next day, for daily outings, or for overnight stays somewhere and worrying if they have a blender or not! Again.....WOOHOOOO!!!!! This will free up some time. Can you tell that I'm geeked about this? ha ha The only downfall of this is that we need to pay attention to her weight gain. This is now 30 calories per once from 24 cal per ounce. She has already jumped from the 17th percentile to the 35th since August. We can't have a "chunky" heart baby on our hands. That could start a whole mess of other problems! Overall, I don't think we are too worried though because she is definitely starting to be the little mover and she will be burning more as she increases her activity. So, we are praying for her heart rate to lower a little (she is currently at 155 b/m and should be around 125 b/m) and for the docs to get her fluid levels where they should be. Thanks for the continued prayers!
Heart Blessings!

Oh, and GO BLUE!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Positives and Negatives

Positives are that Princess Lindsay is feeling MUCH better and has been playing with her favorite nurses and staff members all day. (with a few naps in between) She also has been given the ok for possible discharge tomorrow. We will cross our fingers but I see no reason not to at this point. The other positive was the she tested positive for c-diff again. Antibiotics are on board and healing has begun. Negatives are that she tested negative for influenza (thank god!!!) and for strep. Negative has been the result of every other blood test also!!!! YIPPEEE!
That's the update for now. Sorry this is super quick but I have eyes over my shoulder the end this because the computer lab is closing ;-)
More updates again soon!
Love, Suzie

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Drum Roll...........

The latest and hot off the press news from Meg is..............most likely NOT REJECTION!!!!!!!! JR told her he felt like running the halls after she told us that! Now that is impressive only one week post surgery people! I feel the same and also feel like we just dodged another HUGE bullet! PRAISE GOD!!!!!! We still don't know what she has but she has been put on a very broad antibiotic and it seems to be doing the trick. She just ate for me a few minutes ago and has been clapping and smiling a bit.......forced, but she is doing it. She is a little cranky (so not like the princess!) but who in the world wouldn't be when you are sick! Her fever has also broken! Whew! Her heart rate is still elevated a little but thinking that is due to just not feeling the greatest. Her heart rate never went below 200 in the ER and her fever was as high as 103 and never dipped below 101. YIKES! So, as a precautionary measure in case that she may have the flu and because Lindsay arrived here with a fever, anyone who enters the room MUST have a mask and for those who are going to have contact with her have to be gowned and gloved along with the mask. This is a great new measure that is called the pandemic precaution. It's a pain in the butt but good to know that people won't be walking around passing the germs! She was swabbed at Bronson for influenza and strep. The rapid strep test came back negative but the flu swab will take 24 hours so that means we should know results by early evening. Lindsay did have a pretty nasty stool this morning that they sent a sample down for testing for c-diff again. Most likely she will have it but the confusing part is that her symptoms from last time till now were definitely NOT the same. This time was scary and it had rejection written all over it in our books for sure. Obviously in the minds of the docs here at U of M too because they wouldn't have airlifted her here. All of the blood tests aren't back yet so we just sit and wait for results and maintain trying to keep Lindsay comfortable. Her fever finally broke so that is no longer an issue hopefully. Man, I am shaking while I type..........NOT REJECTION!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
With Love from one happy momma and daddy!!! Keep praying!

no new news

Nothing new, just letting you know we haven't heard anything yet... She slept on her ride to Ann Arbor and they got her heart rate down from the 210's (I don't know to what, but down)... Keep praying and I will let you know when I hear. Heart Hugs, Steph for Suzie

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So at Cole's football game on Saturday, a helicopter flew over and Suzie said "I still get chills every time I hear a helicopter." Knowing that she must have been thinking "is someone getting a transplant?" every time the chopper flew in or out, I now say a little thank you and prayer for who ever is on that helicopter... so tonight when I heard the helicopter 20 minutes after I talked to Suzie telling me that she was taking Lindsay in to the Emergency Room, I got chills and called Suzie making sure that it wasn't for Lindsay. And the answer was "No, that one wasn't for her, but her ride from Ann Arbor is coming." WHAT!!!!
Suzie brought Lindsay into the ER tonight with a fever (of 103), and because she was very tired and a couple other symptoms that are signs of rejection. They are worried she is rejecting her heart! So they are sending her to Ann Arbor to figure out what is going on. After Lindsay leaves by helicopter, Suzie and JR will drive over and be with her. They were doing flu swabs and strep swabs to see if she had either of these and blood tests, but the doctors in Ann Arbor wanted her where they could take care of her. Forgive me for not knowing more details... all I know is that we need to pray that she is not rejecting her transplant. Pray for Suzie and JR and their family. Pray for the doctors and nurses and helicopter pilot. PRAY!! ...thank you! love, Stephanie posting for Suzie

Monday, October 12, 2009

Things just hit me...........

Although things have been crazy around here, we sure have been making memories as a family. Even though we were supposed to be on vacation this week, we did enjoy being home together even though one of those days was a "surgery" day for one of us. ;-) Thursday was JR's surgery and as I posted earlier, everything went as planned and he is recovering very well. Friday and Saturday were rough ones but Sunday was like he did a 180. He was much better with his pain management and we were even able to go visit the local apple orchard and pumpkin patch this weekend. Lindsay saying "HI" from her crib.

JR being a trooper on his "crunches" (as Cole says) while the boys played.

This was one BIG rocking chair. Never really got a good shot because the wind was blowing so hard and the sun went behind a cloud and the kids were freezing and trying to stay warm. Ended up being much colder than anticipated. However, Lindsay is smiling behind that bink. ;-) Things like that just hit me.........

Speaking of that, when we all got out of the van to have our special family outing at the farm for the very first time as a family, we started walking to the entrance and I just started to cry. No warning, nothin'! I couldn't even speak I was so overwhelmed.....and all of a sudden! I couldn't help but to be overjoyed that we had Lindsay with us and we are blessed enough to get a chance at this experience with her. One that we started to love with Cole, then Cruz, and now finally, with her. Oh boy did that one "hit" me! JR was concentrating on walking with crutches on the gravel road and then noticed that I was wiping tears. Of course that follows with a "what's wrong". All I had to do was point to her and then to the pretty landscape in front of us with all the families enjoying the beautiful, yet windy, day and we actually get to do the same. AMEN!!

And so does this........

Now, this "hit" me too because when this accident happened, all I could think of was, #1 that he finally over did it and that pain that he always had in the knee finally made its appearance. Crazy as it may seem, that was a good thing and we can finally get it fixed! But then again, Great! (you guessed it.....a little sarcasm in that GREAT!) And #2, (although a little selfish) great, more pressure on me to do more around here. Just what I need! Well, that was the case for only about a day. We thank God everyday for our family and our wonderful friends that come to our rescue when we need them! Now I only hope that there comes a time that we can return that favor. ;-) As you may have guessed, the above photo is the "after" of Jr's leg/knee. (Along with the added color of betadine) He had 3 screws inserted and has incisions on both sides with a total of 29 staples! OUCH! Thank God for him that he was knocked out cold for the procedure. He has a post-op follow up appointment on the 21st and starting from that date, he can get started putting weight on it and working it back into normal working condition.

This just "hit" me when I captured this precious photo. I have to tell you that this hardly EVER happens! Lindsay likes to fall asleep generally in her own bed and for some reason that particular afternoon, she wanted to take a nap with her daddy. Like I said, precious!

I left this photo for last. Anyone guess what's new in this photo???

The princess is STANDING!!!!! She pulled herself up and everything! Now, if this doesn't "hit" you, I don't know what will! This time last year she was having so much trouble trying to survive. I remember the dreaded car ride home to tend to Cruz once Lindsay was stable enough to go home for a bit. JR and I had to have the discussion on where to lay her to rest. (yes, I'm crying as I type this!!) But, look at her now! God, family, friends, strangers, and miracles are what did it and we are so grateful. There were big alligator tears in my eyes when I took this photo. Oh, Lindsay! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!!!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Long Day!

Well, after a later than planned start time, Jr is resting comfortably in his room at the hospital and is on ALOT of pain meds. Doctor said that everything went as expected and was very happy with how it went despite the later start. JR said when he woke up from anesthesia, he was in so much pain that he thinks he saw God. :-) The plan is that if he can control his pain with pills, he can go home as soon as tomorrow. It will be totally a play it by ear kind of day. Thank you for all the prayers as once again, they were answered!
Now, nighty night for me ;-)

Quick update.....

JR's surgery is at 2pm this afternoon. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and that all doctors and medical staff are on their "A" game today. I will post more later and after I get my hubby all tucked in tonight at the hospital. He will stay one night for observation. Love to you all!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dear God.........

What the????????????

By the sign of the above question, I think that sets the tone for what I'm about to tell you. As our good friend Elaine said, you just can't make this stuff up! On Wednesday afternoon, I stayed home as usual with the kids and got Cole off to school. While Cruz and Lindsay were sleeping, I was able to get some more time consuming things done in preparation for our vacation. Got all of Lindsay meds drawn up for the whole next week and packaged all kinds of snacks for the boys for the long car ride that we had ahead of us. Sounds hunky dory right? Wrong. JR had a softball game that night and at his first at bat, he hit a ground ball and when he landed on first base, he hyper-extended his leg. So much so that he heard something pop. Not good. So, he hobbled to the truck and headed home. Now, before he left for the game, I told him, "Be careful. We are leaving for vacation on Friday and I don't need a handicapped husband." I should have told myself to keep my trap shut! So, he got home and at first I was very angry. (that is putting it lightly!) But, the longer he was home, the worse his knee looked. So, I decided that he needed to go to the ER just to make sure that it wasn't broken. After an extremely quick admit to the ER, they did an x-ray and a CT and sure enough, it was broken. A tibial plateau fracture to be exact. Perfect! After we were told that, the next words were, "and you will need surgery to repair it." Even more perfect! UGH!!!!! (I have been saying that allot in the last few days!) So, after the doctor visit yesterday, JR has surgery on the 8th to repair and insert 3 screws into his knee/leg. So, that also means that we can't go on the much needed family vacation that we had planned to take. Again......Perfect! ;-( Now, my dad was watching all three kids while we were at the appointment and I called him to give instructions on how to get Cole to the bus for school. (he goes to Kindergarten in the afternoon) He said ok and not 2 minutes later he called back and said that Cole threw up and will obviously not be going to school. Well, crap! Cole did complain that morning that his throat hurt but after a glass of water, it didn't anymore. Cole sleeps with his mouth open and that complaint happens quite often. He also felt a little warm but he also sleeps under a ton of covers and was certainly comfy when I went to wake him yesterday morning. So, because of this, I called the pediatrician and they were able to get us in ASAP and luckily they always will from now on because of the princess. ;-) I wanted him checked for strep throat. Sure enough, after the nurse swabbed him, the doctor came in within 5 minutes and confirmed that he did indeed have strep. Perfect! I NEED A VACATION!!!!!!!!!!

On a better note, Happy Birthday to my brother! Dan, I hope your having a good day!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Home is where our hearts are!

Patti did it again! Enjoy the latest photos of the WHOLE family at home! A very Happy Birthday to my Dad and Grandpa today!!! Sharon Yoder, too! ;-)

I will update all of our exciting happenings later on tonight if possible. You're gonna want to read this one! ;-)

Love to you all!