Monday, October 12, 2009

Things just hit me...........

Although things have been crazy around here, we sure have been making memories as a family. Even though we were supposed to be on vacation this week, we did enjoy being home together even though one of those days was a "surgery" day for one of us. ;-) Thursday was JR's surgery and as I posted earlier, everything went as planned and he is recovering very well. Friday and Saturday were rough ones but Sunday was like he did a 180. He was much better with his pain management and we were even able to go visit the local apple orchard and pumpkin patch this weekend. Lindsay saying "HI" from her crib.

JR being a trooper on his "crunches" (as Cole says) while the boys played.

This was one BIG rocking chair. Never really got a good shot because the wind was blowing so hard and the sun went behind a cloud and the kids were freezing and trying to stay warm. Ended up being much colder than anticipated. However, Lindsay is smiling behind that bink. ;-) Things like that just hit me.........

Speaking of that, when we all got out of the van to have our special family outing at the farm for the very first time as a family, we started walking to the entrance and I just started to cry. No warning, nothin'! I couldn't even speak I was so overwhelmed.....and all of a sudden! I couldn't help but to be overjoyed that we had Lindsay with us and we are blessed enough to get a chance at this experience with her. One that we started to love with Cole, then Cruz, and now finally, with her. Oh boy did that one "hit" me! JR was concentrating on walking with crutches on the gravel road and then noticed that I was wiping tears. Of course that follows with a "what's wrong". All I had to do was point to her and then to the pretty landscape in front of us with all the families enjoying the beautiful, yet windy, day and we actually get to do the same. AMEN!!

And so does this........

Now, this "hit" me too because when this accident happened, all I could think of was, #1 that he finally over did it and that pain that he always had in the knee finally made its appearance. Crazy as it may seem, that was a good thing and we can finally get it fixed! But then again, Great! (you guessed it.....a little sarcasm in that GREAT!) And #2, (although a little selfish) great, more pressure on me to do more around here. Just what I need! Well, that was the case for only about a day. We thank God everyday for our family and our wonderful friends that come to our rescue when we need them! Now I only hope that there comes a time that we can return that favor. ;-) As you may have guessed, the above photo is the "after" of Jr's leg/knee. (Along with the added color of betadine) He had 3 screws inserted and has incisions on both sides with a total of 29 staples! OUCH! Thank God for him that he was knocked out cold for the procedure. He has a post-op follow up appointment on the 21st and starting from that date, he can get started putting weight on it and working it back into normal working condition.

This just "hit" me when I captured this precious photo. I have to tell you that this hardly EVER happens! Lindsay likes to fall asleep generally in her own bed and for some reason that particular afternoon, she wanted to take a nap with her daddy. Like I said, precious!

I left this photo for last. Anyone guess what's new in this photo???

The princess is STANDING!!!!! She pulled herself up and everything! Now, if this doesn't "hit" you, I don't know what will! This time last year she was having so much trouble trying to survive. I remember the dreaded car ride home to tend to Cruz once Lindsay was stable enough to go home for a bit. JR and I had to have the discussion on where to lay her to rest. (yes, I'm crying as I type this!!) But, look at her now! God, family, friends, strangers, and miracles are what did it and we are so grateful. There were big alligator tears in my eyes when I took this photo. Oh, Lindsay! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!!!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!


Tara said...

What great pictures!! Your children are just beautiful! I love the picture of Daddy and Lindsay sleeping. My 14 month old also is a crib sleeper and I just wish she would fall asleep on me every now and then.

Stephanie said...

Suze..she is such a beautiful miracle!!!!! I am so honored that you share your familys journey with me! Lindsay has come such a part of my heart..I love her as if she were one of my own!

The pictures are priceless and you all are so deserving of these precious memories as a family!!!!

Here's to many many more years of memories!

Wendy said...

What a nice post! So happy for you and your sweet family!

Melissa said...

It brings tears to my eyes nearly everytime I read your posts. GOD IS GOOD! I am so glad you are all able to be together and do normal family things!

Love the pictures.

Melissa Langston

Everyday Mom Designs said...

I am so happy for your family.

Tommy Schomaker said...

Oh are doing it to me again here! You just sum it all up so well. I have not 'let' myself get emotional yet over what Tommy can do now...I guess I am in that self protection mode still or something? People ask me all the time,..'don't you just cry each time you see him run?'...I don't know I say,...I don't know. It's still like you are living out of body, right? Ok, so you are helping me 'feel it'..process it..and I know that is good as I type through a steady stream of tears. And wouldn't you know that the song playing on your blog as I type is 'Everything rides on hope now...your love sets me free...'. Tommy and I LOVE this song and play it as loud as we can on our drives to Ann Arbor.
Oh gosh....Lindsay, you have touched our hearts so deeply!
Ok..this 'hit me'..Tommy just walked in as I am crying here at the computer and he hopped on my lap and said; "Mom, what are you doing? why are you crying? Is that Lindsay's blog? Is she ok?" I said, "yes, honey she is good"..he said, "oh thank goodness!..I miss her...a LOT!..can I see her new pictures?"...'of course, but then it's up to's late bud'. "ok, but when can I see her again, Mom?"...'soon, I think,..soon.
So he told me to type her a big I LOVE YOU and say that he's blowing you hugs and kisses!
xo, Colleen, Tommy and the Crew!

The Simmons Family said...

Oh.. crocodile tears on my end too!! LOVE that she is standing! It always "hits" me too.... every single day is a blessing and a miracle! Did you know that it's almost been a year since they told us Owen needed a heart? GOD IS GOOD.. cause he's still holding steady at home.. and for that we are GRATEFUL!

We are proud of you Lindsay Girl... so proud!!!

Cousin Nancy said...

Glad that JR is coming along OK and that Cole seems to be over the strep. Pictures at the pumpkin patch brought back memories of going to the Lockshore Farms pumpkin patch when my brother and I were little.

Soooooooo glad to see Lindsay STANDING!!!!!

The best part is that you're getting to do "normal" family things in spite of the bumps in the road.

Cousin Nancy

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Now that I read your post I too have tears! God has definately blessed your family as well as mine....

Anonymous said...

I read your blog at work (shh!) and today I sit here with tears as I read it. Hope no one comes in my office right now!! When you said a year ago you had to have the discussion on where to lay her to rest I just lost it, but to look at the beautiful pictures of her makes you know that God is there with you in the ups and downs and he is pulling really hard for Lindsay....and for your whole family! God Bless You and Your Family!!!

Anonymous said...

Tear are flowing, tears of joy. I'm so happy for your family and so proud of all that has come. It's great to here JR is getting better and such a trooper and Lindsay standing is so amazing. The lay to rest part just was unbearable what a 360 that has come for you family.

But most of all I love hearing how Lindsay has such a great friend in Tommie. Thats a true blessing ♥ Megan

Anonymous said...

WOW J.R. is doing great
WOW Lindsay is doing great
WOW Life is great!! You are blessed to have such a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing the pictures, it's so much fun to see all the progress Lindsay is making and fun to keep up with the boys too!
Lots of love & prayers to all. Dianne Jewett

ShannonLeideker said...

You got everyone tearing up! Lindsey is truely a miracle...nothing less. You all have gone through so much and to see her STANDING.....AMAZING! God is amazing! God bless you!

Lindsey heart friend,
Madison (and her mom)

Courtney said...

This is so sweet! I love her standing in her crib and napping with daddy! I totally cried with you. Keep enjoying every moment!!!
Courtney Mayfield

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

You have tears in my eyes too, not to mention a lump in my throat! She is a miracle, indeed!

I'm so happy that you got to enjoy that special time together as a family... even if JR had to do it on "crunches" :)

Thanks for always continuing to remind me not to take the "little things" in life for granted!


Amy said...

You are so strong! Thank you for sharing all of these precious moments with us. Can't believe she may be walking soon!!!!

Samantha said...

through tears... i am SO HAPPY that you have your family TOGETHER! happy and healthy! and it looks like daddy has a special little lounging partner while he's recovering :) she is so stinkin' ADORABLE!!!

Olivia (CA) said...

What a beautiful and precious gift little Lindsay is! Thank you Lord for miracles!! And thank you for the glad to see all of her new accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

yes what a year it has been and look how far we have all come. I'm happy that you are enjoying a normal life like a normal family. You truly deserve it. I remember a year ago all of us in the picu. I thank God that your not still there and that Lindsay is doing sooooo good. Watch out she's going to be walking soon!!!

Michelle Dickson

Anonymous said...

WOW! The second I looked at that pic I was like "Lindsay is standing!" That is awesome. We are struggling right now with Jillian's legs, they are like wet noodles! There is always hope!

Yeah for you and your family!
Janel (Jillian HLHS)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dean Family,

I'm a friend of Mackenzie's in PA, and I'm also a heart mom. I've been following Lindsay's journey for awhile and just wanted to say hello.

The picture of Linsday standing in her crib got me all misty-eyed. Congratulations to ALL of you on what it took to get to that moment. What a poweful princess!

Take care-

Camden's mom (TAPVR)

Jeannie (HAPPY HEART) said...

Beautiful!! God is sooo good. Its been two years since my heart transplant and the tears still come at unexpected times. Praying for you!


Anonymous said...

Tears of happiness for your family!
Gramma TJC

SassyCassie said...

The kiddos are adorable! I'm so glad Lindsay and the hubby are doing well!

Mimi said...

Oh YAY!! That is a huge huge deal! I am craving for Mia to pull herself up in her cribby. I am so happy she is doing so well. You deserve it!! I can't believe the hubbs?? how in the world?