Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not today......

Well, the verdict is that we are not going home today. The question is now is if she is a little dry. JR and I are totally not going along with that idea because her eye lids are a little puffy which indicates to me that she may be the complete opposite. So, we are waiting to hear whether or not they will get some blood to determine exactly what she is. All of this concern is because her heart rate is still a little higher than it should be and we totally agree with that. I am just concerned that we will fluid over load if we just "assume" that she is dry and then we are dealing with chest tubes and lasix and I certainly DON'T want to go there! All in all, we are confident that the right decisions will be made but it just might not be in a very timely manner especially since it's on a weekend! grrrrrrr! So, it looks like another day of football and some cuddle time with the princess. Hopefully tomorrow will be the we are told anyway. ;-)
Some other changes have been made which I am totally excited about! We can change her formula from 24cal Enfamil AR to Nutren Junior!!! This means no more blender for Suzie!! WOOHOOO!!!!! This comes already mixed and in a can! WOW! That means no more preparing for the next day, for daily outings, or for overnight stays somewhere and worrying if they have a blender or not! Again.....WOOHOOOO!!!!! This will free up some time. Can you tell that I'm geeked about this? ha ha The only downfall of this is that we need to pay attention to her weight gain. This is now 30 calories per once from 24 cal per ounce. She has already jumped from the 17th percentile to the 35th since August. We can't have a "chunky" heart baby on our hands. That could start a whole mess of other problems! Overall, I don't think we are too worried though because she is definitely starting to be the little mover and she will be burning more as she increases her activity. So, we are praying for her heart rate to lower a little (she is currently at 155 b/m and should be around 125 b/m) and for the docs to get her fluid levels where they should be. Thanks for the continued prayers!
Heart Blessings!

Oh, and GO BLUE!!!!


Melissa said...

Hang in there!! Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers daily. Have fun snuggling with the little Princess.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you didn't get to go home today, but she's in good hands where they can watch every little change...I'm sure you'll be home soon. Lots of love & prayers from our family -as always.
Dianne Jewett

Jessica said...

Great News that she is getting better. Will be praying for her heart rate to drop!!! Love you guys and praying hard,

Anonymous said...

Suzie & JR, My Thought and Prayers are still with you and you are in a wonderful place for that little "Warrior Princess"! Sounds like things are all looking up. Good News! God Bless you and the sun is shining today!! Sara D

Stephanie said...

praying they get the fluids figured out and her heartrate comes down. Hope you guys have a restful night and get some answers tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Parker has little bouts like this 2-3 times per year. Vomitting, diahrea, fever of 103-104, and increased heart rate. They cannot figure out what "the bug" is. He was in the hospital about 3 weeks ago for the weekend for similar symptoms to Lindsay. Typically, they just hydrate him and off we go. When he's sick, his heart rate tends to increase dramatically as well. I am glad to see little Lindsay on the mend.

Take care,
(mom to Parker, HLHS)

kayla dean said...

Just read all the posts, sorry to hear about your scare, but glad to hear things have turned around & she's not rejecting!!! Continued prayers coming your way......

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and i am glad to hear that things are going better and that its not rejection praise God. Give little princess Lindsay hugs from Samantha (HLHS sister UofM)

With Heart Hugs and Kisses
Jen and Samantha

Anonymous said...

I pray that things are better and if you are not "H", it will be soon! You guys are soooooo strong. On a side note, just because Brittney had Cdiff a week earlier did not mean Lindsay had to get it :) Stay strong and believe! We love you guys!
The Butchers