Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All things........NORMAL!!!

Mom- "Lindsay? Where did you go sweetie?"
Lindsay- "Mommy.........I dwalin'!" Her first masterpiece done in 3 or 4 different colors of crayon. People, believe it or not, she has had no prior training! ha ha (FYI, this was done in her brothers' room in which a huge Hulk Fathead is on the case you were wondering ;-))
Couldn't resist THIS photo op!

Well, just a few weeks before my oldest son starts first grade, he finally looses a tooth! He was so proud. And yanked it out all by himself! Tooth fairy came and brought him a special silver dollar from 1976! Man, THAT is one OLD coin! ha ha Good job, buddy!

And if this isn't normal, then I don't know what is! He's not called Crazy Cruzy for nothin'! Oh, how we love having NORMAL!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Celebration!

On this day, four years ago, at 10:09 in the morning, we welcomed another gift from God to our family. He weighed 7 lbs 7 oz, was 20 inches long, and had a bit of dark hair on his beautiful little head. We named him Cruz Robert and have enjoyed him tremendously ever since! Cruz was a very easy delivery! After only 3 pushes and only 6 hours of really hard labor, he joined this world, happy and healthy!
Our first family photo!

Cruz, you have grown into a wonderful little boy. You were blessed with wit, humor, and are the king of the robot dance! We love watching you turn into such a great little man and couldn't be more proud of you as we are today. We love that you have your mommy's spunk and your daddy's love for pretzels and chocolate! Mommy and Daddy love you with every ounce of their being and we hope that you have one of the best birthdays ever! We love you, Cruzer!

Happy 4th Birthday, buddy!!
Mommy, Daddy, Cole, and Linds ;-)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where did my baby go?

There she is! Although, not so baby anymore. This past weekend we replaced her crib with a big girl bed......sniff sniff. Taking it down for the very last time was very emotional for me. BUT, I quickly realized that it was a complete blessing and gift from God that we were able to make this change for her! Check out her new digs!