Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Celebrating life........

Please pray for the Gledhill family as they lost their Gracie girl. I cannot begin to tell you how frightened we are. But, in life, there are no guarantees, every little person is different in so many ways, and unfortunately Gracie's life wasn't as long as everyone wanted it to be. She will have a wonderful life in heaven. Her heart is now whole. My bet is that another very special little girl was right there at heaven's gates to greet her! Annabelle will just love having another beautiful angel to play with. Please hold the Gledhill's close to your heart tonight. We are grieving with them.

Well, the Princess has been with her daddy for the last couple of nights. That isn't the case tonight though. Daddy got sick. :-( Of course every time JR takes vacation, he gets sick. We can almost place bets that it happens. Comical actually. Poor guy. I know it is just killing him that he is sooooo close to her but can't see her in fear of getting her sick too. He is being super cautious and staying away. Not to mention that we got our wonderful roommates back in Moderate Care. Olivia and her awesome family is back with us! She is doing great after her hemi-fontan and, although I haven't heard this from them, they will probably get to finally go home late next week. (my calculations could be off!!!) Olivia has HRHS and needed her hemi early like Lindsay. Thank the Lord that her little body accepted the surgery fine and hopefully they won't have to return to UofM until her Fontan which will probably be around 2 years old. Prayers were answered for this sweet little girl and her family!!!
If all goes well tomorrow, I will get to have Lindsay in my arms around dinner time. If things take a little longer at work than I plan, I will go back first thing Thursday morning. I told JR that if I come up there, I better not get sick!!!! No pressure honey! :-) Can't wait to see you both!
Love to all!


Stephanie said...

I've been following Gracie's story and have been heartbroken the last couple of days.

So happy that Lindsay is doing well and praying that Daddy starts feeling well VERY soon!!!

aimee gillespie said...

I too have been following Gracie's story and was just heart broken this morning. Ever since I started with your blog, I've followed so many other precious heart babies. These kids and their families are just so strong and such an inspiration. That's probably why I feel such a strong need to be so involved. All of these kiddos make me realize just how blessed I am to have 2 beautiful, healthy children.

Thank you guys for sharing Lindsay with all of us. As always, we're praying that Lindsay's angel heart comes quickly so that she can be back at home where she belongs. Hope JR starts feeling better soon!


Amanda-The Family News! said...

I am so heartbroken over the loss of Gracie.

Still praying for the beautiful princess!!! Hope everyone starts feeling well too....

Amanda - SC

Michelle said...

Thanks for linking us in to Gracie's page. We have been following her story and grieve with the rest of the heart community. But now, there is an extra angel in heaven pulling for Lindsay! Our heart babies here have heart friends "in good standing" who are praying for their recovery and health!

What a bummer about JR...but I'm sure Lindsay will appreciate Daddy staying away for now. We are so happy to know she is feeling well and continues to be her happy self.

And GOOD NEWS about little Miss Olivia! Tell Shelly and Jim hello and we can't wait to see them back in Kansas soon!

You are in our prayers,


Stephanie Winter said...

Hoping for a healthy week in A2. Had fun with you and your (little) boys last night. Have a safe drive and give the princess kisses for us... Can't wait to see her soon!

The B Family said...

Wow...what a few days, huh?

Susie, I have to share with you the sweetest thing that touched my heart on Gracie's Angel Day...so, I was reading the update and began crying. Wyatt wanted to know why and I told him that baby Gracie was going to be going to Heaven that day. He precious response was "Well, I bet Annabelle is getting all pretty and fancy waiting for her to come!" WOW! Children get it, don't they? I just pray for such a pure heart...without fear.

I know it's got to be tough on JR to be there but not be able to be with his little princess! I hope he's well soon!!! There are all sorts of bugs and viruses going on down here. Thankfully, we've managed not to get them (YET)!

So, as expected with the predicted 3-5 inches of snow on Monday...schools were CLOSED by 5pm on Sunday night without the first snowflake and, sure enough, there wasn't even a dusting on Monday morning! Wyatt now thinks that we cancel school in the south when it's COLD! HA!!!

Love you, friend~ Rebecca