Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Happy Princess

I know that I am her mother and all but man, is Lindsay photogenic or what?!!! Really people, she DOES have a serious heart condition!!!!!! We count our blessings everyday that she looks as good as she does and despite all the tubes and monitors, she is a wonderfully happy baby! Our baby will be 9 months old next week! Patti will again make a special trip from West Olive to photograph the princess and we can't wait to see her! and Tricia too!
I have also included some photos of the boys while I was home with them. The one of Cruz is when he was at his swim class on Wednesday. I was so happy that I was home to be able to watch him. SO CUTE!!!
The latest on the medical home front is that Lindsay's CD20 level was not high enough this week to be able to get her Rituxin. It probably won't be for a while. For example, her numbers should be around 1000 and it was 13. Yes, long way to go. The bright side of all of this is that her PRA number has improved but that is all that I have heard. We are going to try and track down Dr. G this weekend to see if he can get us that new number. Looks like CellCept is working a little we think.
JR is feeling better and when Lindsay falls asleep this afternoon, we will sneak out and head to AutoRama at Cobo Hall for a few hours. Something fun for him to do before he is back to work on Monday.
After a rough week at home, I'm so glad to have my baby back in my arms! I will miss the boys terribly but they are doing some cool things at home to keep their minds off of things.
Thanks for the continued prayers and support for our family. I am sitting here today writing this not being able to keep my mind off of the Gledhill family. They are burying their baby girl today and the thought of doing that is just awful. Gracie girl, you are forever in our hearts!
Love to you all!


The Simmons Family said...

Yes... Princess Lindsay is Photogenic and her eyes melt me! I am so excited to see the new pics that are taken of her.

I read that her antibodies are lower (even a little is good).. woo hoo! We are doing Owen's labs on Monday and we'll see if this month long torture did any good.


Suzie.. I was looking back on Lindsay's blog and I can't believe you've been there so long. Our hospital wait will start soon enough and I am dreading it. I do know that it'll help him actually GET a heart being listed as 1A though. We're praying for your heart Linds.

Anonymous said...

she is photogenic, but she gets that from you!!!! cute pics, love to see ALL of the smiles!

Jonathan said...

I just love the color of her eyes. We haven't stopped praying for her and that new heart. I am looking forward to seeing the new pictures.
Laura Groen

Heather said...

She just gets more and more beautiful Suzie! Thanks for posting new pics for all of us.

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Of course all mothers are a bit biased, but I have to agree with you that she is just precious! I think that's why it's been so easy for me to fall in love with her through my computer screen :) Her big blue eyes melt my heart!

I started reading about Lindsay about the time you posted her 6 month photos from Patti - she was so gorgeous in those photos that I've haven't been able to stop checking in on her daily ever since! Looking forward to some more priceless ones in a few days!

Happy 9 month Birthday Lindsay!

Continued prayers for her health and her new heart...


Anonymous said...

It just makes me think about miss Gracie... sometimes im tired of the hospital but it makes it all the worth while like you said enjoying holding our baby. Keep enjoying that gorgeous girl of yours. Seriously hard to believe that she has heart condition beside the tubes.

Stephanie Winter said...

She is so beautiful... man does that last picture look like Cruz!... with hair like Coles! You stay strong over there! God doesn't give us more than we can handle... you weren't supposed to tell Him you were this strong! I love you girl! Have a great week.

Evie's Story said...

Oh Suzie,
I LOVE thenew header picture...those amazing eyes are just captivating! JR is going to have his hands full (and his shotgun loaded) in about 15 years:-). She is so beautiful and oh, so loved! You are an amazing exampe of strength Suzie...praying you through these rough days! Love from balmy South Carolina!

The B Family said...

OKAY, so when I clicked on Lindsay's blog my heart just melted at her big new GORGEOUS picture! Then, I was so happy to see lots more! Oh my goodness, Suzie, she is so beautiful! (maybe I'm a little biased, too, but seriously she could easily be a little cover girl!)

Praying for her numbers to improve & for a special week with your baby girl!

Love the pictures of the boys, too!!! It was just about warm enough to get into a pool down here yesterday and after playing outside with Wyatt all day I could have dove in head first!

Love you~ Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Hi Susie, Jr, Lindsay, Cole and Cruz,

Well we made it back from Florida last night, what a week. Sonora was sick on Sunday, Owen not feeling well on Monday, but not as bad as Sonora and then Maizy sick the next Saturday as we are leaving to come home. Oh yeah and it was freezing in Florida last week. Oh well made the best of it and went to Animal Kingdom and Sea World. Was so fun to see the grand kids and Amanda and Ryan also. So glad to get updated on Lindsay, sorry JR was sick. We keep praying everyday and hope for that angel heart soon. So keep smilin and we will too!!

Love you all,

Steve and Tina

aimee gillespie said...

I think we're all biased, but you're right, Lindsay is super photogenic. So are the boys for that matter. Speaking of the boys... I'm thinking it's going to be a long time before they forgive you for that bath picture being posted on the internet :-) Too cute! Have a great week with The Princess.


Lisa Christensen said...

What a doll! I just love all the adorbale little bows you have for her. We are thinking and praying for your family and especially Lindsey every day.