Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Saying goodbye is so hard to do

Our big girl!!!
Happy Daddy!

Lindsay didn't want Tommy to leave after his visit yesterday. Too stinkin' cute these two!

We are getting smiles!

Lindsay didn't want to say goodbye. Oh Jen, we are going to miss you soooooo much!

Isn't that a song? How do you say goodbye to the people that helped to save your baby? How do you say goodbye to the people that stayed past their shifts to make sure that your baby was ok and going to make it? Man, this is tough! We haven't been in tears yet, but when we were speaking to Lindsay's surgeon today, Dr. Devaney, I had to turn away a couple of times because I felt myself starting to fall apart. What do you do for the man whose hands helped to keep Lindsay alive until transplant? I'm sure all he has to know is that she is going home and feel good that his knowledge and skills helped to make that happen. Our hearts will also be forever grateful for all who were involved in Lindsay's care.
Lindsay has been INCREDIBLE these last couple days and even took a bottle today! She had about half of it and then she was tuckered out. But, she did it! We were told to start baby food, etc. right away and keep going on trying the bottles. Her focusing is improving slightly everyday and she is definitely getting her personality back! She is laughing and interacting so much more and getting stronger as well.
Tomorrow will be hard to leave, but at least we know that we will see everyone again in 1 month when we come back for clinic and we can share on all of her accomplishments. Here is a photo for you Jen. We love you so much!
I will share more photos and post again after we return home WITH OUR BABY!!!!!! God is so good!
Heart Blessings~


Tiffany Lockette said...

It has been a long road but you have one of the most amazing little girls to show for it. I am so proud of her just like she was one of my own. Your family is amazing, the strength and faith you have shown through all of this. I know it will be hard to say goodbye but at the same time you have to be overjoyed at getting to go home. Congratulations and many kisses coming your way for your little Princess. My prayers will always be with you guys!!

The B Family said...

Just those photos and your precious words have me in tears, Suzie...I can't imagine how you must feel. I remember walking out the door of the moderate care floor with Annabelle crying...tears of JOY and sadness because those nurses, doctors, therapists, other heart families still there are your family now! They are a part of Lindsay and all of you! Let me assure you that that does not change! Although our situations are very different, I still consider a lot of the staff that cared for my girl as family. We still email, visit and call each other regularly. You have made family/friends for life and they will be so, so thrilled to watch the Princess continue to grow and thrive! She is royalty there! (of course:))
Praying for a beautiful day tomorrow to make even more beautiful memories! My heart swells!!!

Love you~ Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!!! Home. With all your kiddoes surrounding you. Praising God that what seemed an impossibility, He is going to bless you with. I cannot stop crying.
God Bless you all.

Unknown said...

So happy to read you're heading home. What a beautiful little gal.
Enjoy home!!! God bless.

Megan said...

I am so glad to hear that Miss Lindsay will be joining her family at HOME!!!! I am so excited for your family!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Oh Suzie... once again, I am in tears! What an absolute miracle... you are finally taking your baby girl HOME!

As I've followed your blog for many months now, I can recall the posts where you wrote about saying "goodbye" to other heart families. My heart always ached for you when I read those posts... thinking of how supportive you were of their good news, while knowing you and your baby would have to stay in the hospital indefinitely. As I read this post today, I cannot help but recall those posts. My heart is so happy... your time has finally come!

While I cannot possibly imagine the extreme range of emotions you are going through, I feel confident in assuring you that the medical staff at that amazing hospital is nothing short of thrilled that the little Princess they love so much is now able to go HOME and have a rich, full life! She is a living testimony to the power of prayer and the ability for God to work miracles through human hands!

I will look forward to pictures of the upcoming days... knowing full well that I better keep a box of kleenex by the computer because I WILL be crying... tears of JOY for you!

Much love... Danielle

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what to say to you except that I am so so happy that this day has finally arrived. Enjoy having your family all together and your life return to normal.

Michelle Dickson

Elaine said...

Dear Suzie,

Your writng today is so beautiful and full of emotion...and every single post by your friends is also. I am in tears, just thinking about you driving your princess home, surprising the boys, and driving into your own driveway tomorrow. It is going to be a picture perfect Michigan summer day...warm, sunny and breezy (I checked!!). So, if you want, you can go to that beautiful park you live next to, and take the princess for a walk, and watch the boys play on the gym equipment. Such a simple, almost boring thing...but something I have wanted and prayed for you for so long: NORMAL!

So I wish you a PERFECT day tomorrow, full of tears, gratitude, sadness at who you are leaving behind, and thanks for all that you have ahead of you...

Love, Elaine

MJ and David said...

Princess is going home...hurrah!!!
I was in tears as I read this to David. We are thrilled for you all!! Yes it is sad to say goodbye to your "2nd family", but I'm sure you will stay in touch.

Unknown said...

We are so happy that you are going to be able to get back to a somewhat normal life. I told you before that the one week we had to spend in the hospital when Annika was born, was the hardest week of my life. Of course that is nothing compared to the time you have had to spend. You and your family are amazingly strong and an inspiration to us all. We are excited to see you and finally get to meet the little princess in August. We really look forward to seeing pictures of her from home, instead of a hospital room. By the way, she looks amazing in these latest pictures.

Mark and Maya

Anonymous said...

I think the incredible people who work with our sick kids are among the only people who don't get offended if we say "I hope we never have to see you again." I'm so glad Lindsay gets to go home as I've been following and certainly felt similar emotions about leaving the incredible people who fought so hard over the first seven months of our Rudy's life. The journey is terrifying and I think it's OK to both be grateful for the people God sends and wish you never had any need for them.

The post I wrote about 4 months before we left the hospital came to mind as I read yours. We will be praying with thanksgiving and joy for the rich day that's in store for you tomorrow. It's been long in coming!


Rolf (dad to Rudy HLHS)

Jessy and Kurt Antonino!!!! said...


Anonymous said...

Suzie....Like all the others, I find myself unable to hold back the tears. Tears of happiness, joy and relief for Lindsay, and your entire family. Tears of empathy for the sadness you will surely feel tomorrow, and tears of excitement for all that is to come. I look forward to watching Lindsay grow up.

dani said...

Unbelievable!! Lindsay is amazing and so are you! You are my hero and i will continue to tell everyone that you are the strongest and bravest person i know. I am proud to call you my best friend, Suzie. Have a wonderful day tomorrow, i know you will.

love, dani

Courtney said...

I'm so happy that Lindsay is going home. I know that you will continue to have an amazing relationship with everyone who has been blessed in knowing your princess. I know that there will be happy tears tomorrow. May God continue to bless all of yuo and the staff at the hospital for being so amazing. Have fun playing at home with your family Lindsay and contiue to grow stronger everyday. You're AMAZING!
Love Courtney Mayfield

Stephanie said...

I am so happy for you and your family!!! I don't even know you and I am sitting hear crying while I think of how this little girl has beaten the odds. I pray for you and you little girl every night and I am so glad that God has answered all our prayers. Congrats, and enjoy every moment with your baby! HUGS AND KISSES FROM TEXAS!!!

Anonymous said...

You've come a long way baby!!!!

Whole Heart Hugs to all!!!!

Mark, Barb, & Chad

Amanda Groulx said...

Tomorrow will be the best day ever!!! --or second best day since transplant day!!

We are so happy for all of you!! Strength and perseverance from all involed made it possible. Enjoy every minute!!

Amanda, Ryan, Sonora, Maizy, and Owen

Anonymous said...

Dean Family,
Enjoy every single moment of tomorrow, and please continue to allow all of us to be a part of Lindsay's life. This sweet, precious baby girl, has brought complete strangers into her life, and made us all feel like part of your family. I pray that your little ray of sunshine will share her beautiful smiles and huge blue eyes with us. It is an extreme pleasure to visit your blog each day, and "hear" the excitement and emotions in your words.
God's blessings to Lindsay and her beautiful family! May you all enjoy your homecoming!!!

A Mom-Mom in NJ
Dale Budd

........ said...

I am so happy for you all!!! I'm sure it is so hard but I am just thrilled that she made it! Prayer works!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzi and family

I am sure there will be emotions swinging back and forth tomorrow as you prepare to leave for home.

God is so good in so many ways to allow this day to finally arrive.

Your family will be in my daily prayers for some time to come. You're an inspiration to all who has kept up on your daily journals. Even though a lot of them are like me, I don't know you but feel as I have known you my whole life. Make sense?? :)

God's Gentle Peace be with you and whole family, Suzi.

Shawna - Round Rock, Texas said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. I know the love we have for our babies and I can't imagine the connections you have with all of the incredible people who have saved your daughter. Miracles happen every day and your family is such a wonderful example. What a happy..not ending...beginning ! May God bless Lindsay always. Now you can go home and enjoy your family in your own home with your family and snuggle and cuddle non - stop! Congratulations Lindsay!

Anonymous said...

We are SOOO excited for you guys!

Love, The Martin Family

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Wow, I am sure tomorrow will be so wonderful and emotional. God is so good! We'll pray for a smooth and VERY JOYFUL transition HOME!! So very very happy for your family!

The King Family (friends of Gayle Meskil)

Lacy said...

Congratulations, Lindsay!

Anonymous said...

The POWER of PRAYER! Amen! Suzie, you really know how to write a letter/blog and you have all of our emotions going - tears of JOY to be sure!
Please keep us posted on her developments and of course pictures of her with those two cute brothers! I know they will be thrilled that you are all home. You will be complete! Hugs! Sara D

Stephanie said...

I know it's a bittersweet day tomorrow but what an amazing day it is! You all have been incredibly blessed to have such wonderful people around Lindsay during your stay there.

Can't wait to see the going home pictures. Praying for safe travels and smooth sailing :)

Lindsay-girl you did it! You are so awesome!!!! You found a place in my heart the first day I saw you big beautiful eyes and I've been attached ever since. I'm so proud of you!!!!

Gramma Kandi said...

Lindsay is so precious..What a miracle and leaving the day after Sofi!! Stay strong and believe.. Heart Hugs to you all.. Britt's Gramma Kandi

Elissa said...

To GOD be the glory forever and ever, AMEN!! Thanking Jesus tonight for all He has done through these people. What an answer to prayer these days have been for your family!

Anonymous said...

I have tears of happiness!!! You deserve to behome as onebig happy family. I pray that you stay for a long long time dare I say forever? ike I said I am so happy for you guys!!! I can not imagine the happiness that you are feelin!!
Lots of Love,

Anonymous said...

Today is the first day of the rest of your lives. God be with you on your lifes journey. Your family complete. A normal life with good times and bad, but with God nearby you will make it through. Depend on Him, he will always be there and so will our prayers..Blessings, PAJ (cousin)

Alison and Rich Lee said...

It's TODAY!!!!!!! This is the second day that we all have been waiting for, the first was her new heart day. God did it! Lindsay did it! What a team!!!! Other than those words I am speechless. (That's another amazement). I cannot wait to hear about your morning tomorrow when you wake up at HOME and say "What do we do now?". It will be a day with a new routine. The boys get their family back. Awesome. It gives me goosebumps. We love you so much and have lived to witness this day with our princess. Can't wait!!!!!

Welcome Home Lindsay girl, Welcome Home!!!!!!!!

Lots of Love,
Alison and Rich Lee

Stephanie Winter said...

I've been up since 4:30 (with the help of Mags) but unable to get back to sleep because I was so excited for you today... I pray for a safe ride home, hopefully she will be ok strapped into a seatbelt for that long... when is the last time she was in a car? September! Praying for a wonderful day and for everything to go as planned... can't wait to have you back across the park! love you guys!
steph and family

The B Family said...

Just said my morning prayers for Lindsay's long awaited return home today! I told Wyatt that today is the day Lindsay gets to go home and he just lit up and said "that's what I've been praying for!" It's so awesome to see GOD work through your Princess!

Holding your entire family close to our hearts as your family becomes one again!!!

Love to you, precious friend~ Rebecca

Shaw Family said...

It's today, it's today! I am so excited for your family. I can't wait to see posts of Lindsay and her brothers at home.

Like many people have said, I feel like I know you and your family. I do not even know what to say to express how amazing I think you and your family are. I will continue to pray each and every day for you.

Tommy Schomaker said...

Hi Deans! Tommy and I are sitting here together (up north) and I am in tears!! This is so amazing (as the song that is playing says!). I find myself overwhelmed on so many levels and this is a HUGE one for me with sweet Lindsay! All that you wrote about it being hard to say goodbye and how does one thank all of the people that played such an important part in keeping your child alive?! I guess that explains why Tommy and I have been back so much since our discharge and why everytime Meg asks us if we are going up to 5 east, our reply is always, 'of course!' LOL. We love you guys so are like family and we pray that your homecoming is everything perfect. Lindsay has impacted us in ways words can never express. We will see you soon!
xxoo..TOMMY and Colleen

Diana said...

Today will be an incredible day with so many emotions. This time good ones. Tears of happiness and joy for it is your turn now to take your princess home with a whole heart. It has been quite a journey. You and your family have remainded so strong and positive through all you have been through. I admire your strength. Looking forward to seeing home pictures.

Anonymous said...

Tears of happiness for you....What a blessing!! I know that when you get her home you will enjoy and appreciate all the little things that some people take for granted....three happy, healthy children playing, the noise, the hectic moments, and all the everyday NORMAL routines!! Lindsay is such a strong little girl and is destined for big things!
Congratulations & God Bless,
(Madi's Gramma)

Olivia (CA) said...

Hooray! Praying for you all today as you bring sweet Lindsay home.
I am so thrilled for you all!

Kristin said...

Yayy!! I am so happy for Lindsay & your whole family! I can't imagine how happy you all must be to have your princess home!! :)

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you!

SassyCassie said...

I'm so glad she's doing well and can go home!!!

Anonymous said...

She looks great! So excited that you are going home!

And I must say...I love the half combover I know it's just because they need to put in the IV, but it's hilariously cute!

Christina said...

What an amazing road so far. Congrats on going home! What a miracle!

Hugs & Prayers,
Heart Momma to Jacob

"The Weavers" said...

HOORAY!!! I am so happy to see Lindsay doing so wonderful.I have been following your blog since right before Lindsay's surgery,and have been praying for her everyday.These photos and your wonderful news,make my heart sooo happy.Can't wait to continue to see Lindsay's miracle complete!!

Kyle Keiser said... overcome with so many emotions. Proud of everything you've tackled and handled with grace. So touched by the special soul Lindsay is.......God has a fabulous plan for her. So touched by the love surrounding every step of this journey by those around you.

With captured breath and huge hugs......xoxo

Anonymous said...

Suzie, Thanks so much for writing, I have looked every day and was about to put my Parchment "feelers" out to see how it was going. We are all rooting for all of you! Love & prayers, The Willson family