Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well, I never intend on the gap between posts to be three weeks, but that is what has been happening lately. We have been "good" busy and we are so grateful. We are finally recuperated from the holiday season and back to the grind it is! Lindsay has been doing fantastic! She is getting bigger by the day I think and eating just awesome! She will now eat a cracker! I know, it sounds like some very minor milestone, but to Lindsay, this is a HUGE accomplishment. Her favorite, Club crackers. Must be the buttery goodness! Like mother, like daughter. ;-) She also likes goldfish crackers and is crazy about the Gerber yogurt melts. She devours them!! We still give her formula every now and then but for the most part, she is eating similar to an 8 or 9 month old. So exciting! She is getting speedier by the minute when she is crawling and she is doing the same with walking along the couch. I see walking in the very near future! We need a little balance help, but soon I'm sure she will master that too! We go to clinic in AA on February 9th. Hopefully I can manage to get an appointment with the Pediatric Surgeon to get the g-tube removed! Meg said to go ahead and get that started because she is doing so fantastic. However, I need to prepare myself for them to say no too. I do know that she, at any time, can have a set back, but there are other methods to get her fluids if need be. We shall see.
She is also doing well with her eye patch. Because I see her everyday, I'm not sure how much progess she is making with the other eye working its way to being centered, but we will see what the opthamologist says in the next month or so.
Writing today is an emotional one. Annabelle is 2 years old today in heaven! I cannot even imagine the party Jesus has planned for her! We have been blessed beyond belief to have gone through this journey with the Butcher's and our hearts are with them today as they have to celebrate without her. I will post pictures later of how we celebrated Annabelle's birthday.
Things at home have been crazy. Travel season is here and I am finally able to get more things done here at home and can feel somewhat "normal" in the working world again. Even though office hours aren't there anymore, I always get a sense of satisfaction when I can still so what I have always loved to do. I have something else in the works too to "fill in the gap" that I will share at a later date. Just finding things that I think I might love as much as I love the travel business and it is exciting to be able to do these things and be at home with my baby girl! It is a process, but it is coming together slowly, but surely! I will share soon....I promise! Enjoy the photos of our winter at home and I will start disciplining myself into a regular updating routine!
Heart Blessings~


Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh, I just want to hug her and love her... she is so adorable. It's wonderful to hear updates of such "normal" things! Many prayers to you and your family.

ShannonLeideker said...

Thanks for the update! I am happy Lindsay is doing well. I hope you get rid of the G-tube too. We are always praying for Lindsay and her coninued health! Maybe we will see you at the Hearts of hope event next weekend? Not sure if you are driving all the way out for that...Take Care!

Love, Shannon and Madison

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that everything is going good! God is Good!!! 2010 will be a good Year I'm sure. God Bless your Family! The pictures are darling as usual! Sara Dz

Jeannie (HAPPY HEART) said...

So happy for the little princess and her beautiful family! God is soo good. I have been following you and Tommy for a long time and continue to keep you in my prayers. I have a crazy question to ask you Suzie. How do you link directly to the carepage?? I cannot seem to link directly from my blog to the carepage and I noticed how your does. You can leave me a note at my blog, if you have any suggestions. Its driving me crazy. Thanks!


Debbie's Pics-Distinctive Impressions said...

Found my way here via Stephanie Winters Facebook. So glad to see Lindsey is doing so well. Think of you often and surely miss you!
Best wishes and many prayers.
Debbie Brown
Tanner client