Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bullet .....Dodged!!!!

The bubble gum antibiotic works wonders!! Lindsay has been feeling much better after almost a week on amoxicillon and she has actually slept through the night a couple of times without waking herself up by coughing. Praise God! Mom and Dad actually got a good nights sleep! She has that twinkle back in her eyes and you can tall she feels more like Lindsay. Whew! Really, I was afraid she would have to get admitted. Pneumonia is no joke, especially with transplant babies! The other excitement is that now she is totally off of her magnesium supplement, she no longer has loose stools!!! Ok, for most, that might not sound like a huge deal but man, can I tell you how nice it is to not have to change her clothes at least 3 or 4 times a day because the diaper wasn't able to hold it all!! Yup, don't miss that at all!!! THANK YOU DR. G!!!!
Lindsay grew her vocabulary this week too. She now says night night, Cole (comes out coe), and gabba gabba. (as in YOOOO Gabba Gabba!!!) Her favorite show is still Wow Wow Wubbzy but another strong contender as favorite is Nei hao, Kai-Lan. The girl LOVES that show. We found a Kai Lan doll for her for Valentines Day. She has it in her hands the whole day! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it is that she is becoming more "normal". She is requiring less and less medication because her body is "getting in the groove". We are so grateful because that means her heart is working perfectly and has adapted to her body very well.
As some of you may know already from reading my facebook page, I finally did it. I wrote "the letter". I chose Valentine's Day to do it and we feel really good about it. We hope and pray that the donor's family will read it and respond but in the same breath, respect their decision if they choose not to. Thanking God and them everyday that we have the opportunity to update the blog to tell of the princess' doings. Maybe someday they will read it too.
That's all for now with my update. I will post new pictures next time!
Love, Suzie


Evie's Story said...

Just cant imagine what it took out of you and what you put into writing that letter. Where do you even begin? No doubt, whether they respond or not, having a face and name and a story from you will bring tremendous comfort to a grieving family in their pain and loss. What a gift Im sure your letter was to them.

Love your song choice on the blog right now!

Amy said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!!

Mommato4miracles said...

Woohoo!!! So happy she is feeling better. I can TOTALLY sympathize with the loose stools. My 3.5yr old has had diarrhea his entire life (like 6-8 times a day) Yuck!! Happy that those days are over for you.

Michelle said...

So good to hear Lindsay is doing better! She sounds like she is getting so strong and turning into a little girl! Funny to hear how she loves her shows...Zachy is a BIG fan of "Super Why" on PBS!

I am certain the donor's family was touched by your letter, and hopeful that someday they will come to follow Lindsay's story and praise God for the life they helped to save.

We continue to think of you every day and keep Lindsay and your family in our prayers. Miss you!



kayla dean said...

So glad to see things are going well for Lindsey!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see all of the wonderful progress that Lindsay is making! Keep up the good work sweetie :-)
Cheryl, Craig, Clayton, and Grace