Monday, March 22, 2010

Look out SC..........

Future ballerina??

'cuz the princess is WALKIN' into town!!! That's right, Lindsay started to walk! Just before JR and I left on our date Saturday night, Lindsay took 5 steps all by herself! Needless to say, I probably scared her with my squeals of excitement! She has come a long way and this was just another HUGE milestone in her life. She is truly Our Gift from God!
We are busy getting things ready for the very first Dean family vacation! South Carolina, here we come! We can't wait to start creating memories of this trip. It will be exciting and I will be sure to post pics from the events as they occur. We have allot planned y'all! (getting in the southern groove....)
Tonight I took some photos of the kids and as requested, I have added some of the boys, too. ENJOY!!


Michelle said...

Omigosh--your children are so adorable! And YOU took those pictures? Do you moonlight as a photographer on top of everything else?

How exciting that Lindsay is steppin' out! Before you know it, she'll be running all over and her new heart won't slow her down!

So good to hear you are heading out on vacation. I wish you all a fantastic trip. Please keep us updated and post plenty of pictures!

Much love,


Jean E. said...

Have a great vacation!

Megan said...

I absolutely love the photos! Very cute & am so excited Lindsay is walking...if only we had a video too :)

Enjoy your vacation!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Wow, wow, wow! I can't imagine how excited you must have been to see her taking those first steps... especially after all she has been through! She continues to remind me that miracles do happen! Way to go precious Princess!

I can't wait to see the pictures from SC... you all deserve a wonderful vacation! And I can already tell you that I will for sure be shedding some tears as I look at pictures of you and Rebecca together... how special! Have a wonderful and safe vacation!

Lots of love...

The Simmons Family said...

WAY TO GO LINDSAY!!!! Have a terrific vacation and I can't wait to see pictures! Love these photos!

ShannonLeideker said...

WOW! She is amazing!!! What a miracle child!

Amy said...

Go Lindsay Girl!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful trip with Anabelle's mommy. (I assume that is who you are visiting) I found her sweet blog through yours. Have a blessed time together.

The B Family said...

YEAH!!! I cannot wait!!!!!

Looks like Cruz loves picture time!

Can't wait to see that sweet baby girl walking...I may have a little something for her to show off her new found talent, too! (Scott asked me just yesterday if she was walking yet! He'll be thrilled when I share her BIG news!)

Love you!

Cousin nancy said...

So glad to hear that Lindsay is walking!
Loved the pictures! I see so much of Carrol and John in Cole's face, and I see Rick in Cruz' face. Lindsay has Aunt Cleo's eyebrows. You knew Aunt Cleo a looooooooong time ago. We were at a family reunion at her place at Gun Lake in 1984. (You were that little blond haired baton twirler then.) Aunt Cleo was your great grandma Chenery's sister. --- And when Lindsay looks flirty, she reminds me of her great grandma Margaret.
Enjoy your vacation! This one will be extra special because you had to wait for it.

Cousin Nancy

Evie's Story said...

We are so excited for this vaca to actually happen! Can't wait to hug your necks!

Anonymous said...

Precious - all three of them. Beautiful pictures! Have a wonderful vacation.
Love, Steve & Nancy

Katie said...

What a fun trip!!! Have a wonderful vacation :) Can't wait to hear/see pics of it when you're back. The kid's pics are great- you have quite the photog skills!