Friday, July 16, 2010

A Post FULL of "Firsts"

Can you believe that at 2 years old, Lindsay is still experiencing a bunch of "firsts" when normally a child at this age has already experienced. Man, it has been a LONG two years! BUT, this last year has been absolutely the best having the princess home with us. Yes, we have jumped a few hurdles since she was discharged last year, but all in all, it has been great having her home! This past weekend was the annual Kindleburger Festival at the park right by our house and included in the festival activities are plays that are done nightly during the festival time period. We were able to attend the Saturday showing of The Suessical and the boys had a great time. Lindsay was too busy socializing that she really didn't have time for the play!! ha ha This last Father's Day was very special. The first one in two years that we have been home for. This year was a great one especially since we could spend it with my 87 year old grandfather. His present from his great-grandson's was this cane that came directly from the Louisville Slugger Museum when we visited there this past April. Cole picked it out and was so excited that it was time for "Papa Yum Yum" to open it up! Grandpa now takes it with him and shows it off and tells the story of who got it for him. He is so proud of "his kids".
That weekend was very relaxing finally getting to enjoy the lake and just hang out. The boys and their "papa" (my dad) enjoyed the new game for the yard.

This is what the adults look like after a big meal and a few drinks. "No, go ahead kids, we will just watch you." ha ha

While the boys did some fishing that weekend, Lindsay got a head start on practicing for when she is big enough to catch that "big whopper". ;-)

Another big first for our family since we have had the princess home was to go camping. We spent the long weekend at the campground during the 4th of July and it was absolutely awesome!

Making s'mores by the campfire......

.....and eating them served to be a challenge when you make them with the big a** roasting marshmallows that Meijer sold this year! What a mess, BUT so worth it!
Lindsay is tasting her FIRST s'more. Needless to say, she thoroughly enjoyed it and after each bite, she said, "Yummy!" And then, no shocker, I cried! ;-)

Such a happy camper!
Ok, well, this story is definitely a "normal" toddler story but yet again, another first for the princess. Notice the nice raspberry on her forehead?

And notice how she is sliding the plastic across to try and see out better? And notice the black handle at just the right height for her to "bump" so that the door will fly open? Yes, folks, that is how that happened. I was shucking corn at the picnic table that was just outside of that door and up against the camper when I heard the thud and then the screaming. I swear she had broken her neck, that is how awkward that she fell right outside the door and down the step onto the indoor/outdoor carpet that was covering the dirt. She recovered quickly and all I could think of to do after I saw her "owie" was to say a prayer that her open wound wouldn't get infected!! Thankfully it didn't and healed up just fine. Talk about scare the crap out of momma!!!!

That same weekend, my Aunt Carole hosted a beautiful baby shower for both of my cousins. It was so nice to see them and it was again, a first for Lindsay. Her first Baby Shower! I had found an adorable 4th of July dress for her and a bow to match! Notice that I have her hair covering her wound ;-)

Lindsay also got to meet her cousin, Matthew, for the first time, too! What a great weekend all around!

This past Wednesday, JR and I took Lindsay for her 1 year (a month later) post transplant clinic visit. Her echo, labs, and ekg were, as Dr. Kurt said, "FABULOUS"!!!!!!!!!! Both he, Dr. G, and Meg, were just thrilled at how amazing that she looks and is doing. The "B" word (biopsy) was never mentioned and I will say, I am just fine with that as long as she keeps on truckin' the way that she has.
Our trip would not be complete without a visit to 5 East. Here, Lindsay could finally show off her new trick to all that haven't seen it yet......walking!!!!!

She took right off and had no problem mingling in the playroom......for the FIRST TIME!!!! Yes, it is just steps from Moderate Care where she lived for almost 8 months, and NEVER got to play in!! She found a maraca that she liked and took it with her on her journey down the halls to say "hi" to people. Or as I said, "Walked around like she owned the joint!" ha ha

This is definitely a first for her to do! Nurses and doctors were thrilled to see her looking so great and "normal"! It must be good for them to see her succeed and know that they had a hand in making that happen. Warm fuzzies..........

As you all know, at the party last month, we collected items to start the Love from Lindsay Baskets project. Well, it seemed fitting to be able to take the first load of baskets with us to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Lindsay being home. So, all week I had gathered items together and got them organized to be able to take 12 baskets with us. In doing that, all I could think of was this angel..............

Annabelle was with us during this entire journey and if you didn't know this already, this exact picture was taped to Lindsay's crib the ENTIRE time that she was in the hospital. She was Lindsay keeper during that time, I believe anyway, and she also has inspired us to continue her mom and dad's wonderful ministry here in Michigan. Annabelle, thank you for making yourself so present in our lives. I wish we would have been able to see you, but we will, someday, in heaven. (Wiping
So, to all of you who have helped to make this ministry possible, here are some pictures of our very emotional delivery of Love.

Getting ready to wheel them up to 5 East for delivery!

The very first recipient of a Love from Lindsay Basket is Nikola Tasich. He was also born with HLHS and had just been transferred from PCTU to Moderate Care that day. He is doing just great thus far and we wish the very best for him, his mom Stephanie, and his entire family through this journey. MY HEART IS FULL!!!!!!!!!!


The B Family said...

Okay...first, let me try to wipe the tears to see the screen...

The baskets look AMAZING!!!!! And, what a beautiful little boy to receive the first one! His hair is incredible, by the way! :)

I know my girl was close. She always is!

FYI...Wyatt just took a picture of Cole on the computer. He's cool like that! HA!

I LOVE YOU!!!! & can't wait to see what GOD will do with Love from Lindsay Baskets!!!

Elaine said...

Okay, as I wipe the snot bubbles from my unbelievable to see Lindsay walking the halls at Chez Mott. Just breathtaking. And sharing our favorite photo of precious perfect. How wonderful it must have been for Nicola's mom to see an HLHS success baby in person, even though it didn't go completely as planned. know I love you like a daughter and that I am in awe of your strength through this journey...but to see you paying it forward like this just makes me...well...cry again. I am so proud of you.

Oh...and you never told me you found polka dotted liners...adorable!

Love love love you...Elaine

Cousin Nancy said...

Loved all the pictures! The Simpsons all looked very relaxed at Gun Lake. :-)
Cole and Cruz are priceless in those Suess hats!
The Love from Lindsay baskets are a great idea, and I'm sure they'll be a comfort to all who receive them.
Cousin Nancy

aimee said...

Since I'm not a big cries, the tears didn't start until I saw the pictures of her walking through the hospital. Then they started flowing :-) Thank you for sharing her firsts with us!

Michelle said...

Oh, my goodness... what beautiful news! It was so good to see Lindsay walking through 5E like she owns the place. She certainly did steal the hearts of all the nurses and staff there! And we will continue our prayers of thanksgiving, asking the good Lord to continue to protect her and keep her strong! I love all the pictures, and am delighted you are able to enjoy so many typical summer things as a family this year! (We're still working on that...)

And... be thankful you got that girl :-) After five kids I still don't have anyone to take to a baby shower.

Hope you continue to enjoy your summer!


Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Well now you went and made ME cry! I was doing just fine until I saw sweet Annabelle's face on the screen! The Love from Lindsay Baskets are darling and such a special ministry! And little Miss Lindsay... well she looks FANTASTIC! it's wonderful to be able to see her accomplishing so many things and enjoying a normal childhood! She is such a blessing to so many!

The Davidson Family said...

What a beautiful post to read! You guys are amazing and doing just wonderful - keep it up!

Hope to see you all soon

Love, The Davidson's

kayla dean said...

Great to see Lindsay looking so wonderful!! Glad you are able to get out and do things as a family!!

The baskets are awesome!!