Thursday, April 10, 2008

Note from Suzie's mom

Many of you are tuning into this blog as a response to a letter that you received from Suzie's dad and me.

We welcome all of you to visit often and please communicate with all of us through this means of communication.

When the time comes for Lindsay to begin her journey, it will help us out so much to enter updating information in this blog rathar than make hundreds of phone calls. ('cause ya know, Suzie and JR have a lot of friends!)
Your response has been overwhelming and our hearts are truly blessed.

Heart Hugs,
Linda Lindsay Smith


Anonymous said...

Hi JR and Suzie,

I just received this heart felt letter from your mom. We are so very sorry to hear about your precious Lindsay. We know she is in the hands of wonderful parents and will make it through this. Please know we are here for you to talk anytime!!! It is so nice to see that you have others to talk to that have been through this or are currently going through this. Our heart goes out to them and to your family. We are very sorry to hear about Annabelle. I'm sure she is already an inspiration to you.

Please know we are here for you for whatever you and your family needs. I know we do not live by but I can order you a meal and have it delivered!! Just tell me where!

We miss you and wish we could be there for you during this time.

All our blessing and love,
Scott, Dawn, Jadon, and Haley Groves

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzie & JR,
Yes, we just received our letter and forwarded it on to the rest of my siblings and parents just in case they did not get on your mom's list. We all want you to know that we are here for you and think of you often. You come from a strong family and know that whatever you need we will all work to provide that for you. We are here for laughter, for tears, for hugs, for talks, for support, and for you! We will continue to check the blog and keep informed. We would like to do whatever we can to help. We love you and will keep you in our prayers. I would love to put you on our church prayer chain if you would give me permission to do so. My email is:

Love to you both,
Kirk & Jody

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda/JR/Suzie,

We received your caring letter, and have sent a donation to Suzie's Dad. Michelle's family lives near Ann Arbor, so if you need a church or confidant, please let us know. Michelle's mom is involved in Steven's Ministries if you need someone to talk to. Thank you for including us in this "operation" and you are in out hearts and prayers.

With love,

Spencer and Michelle Dean

Anonymous said...

JR and Suzie-
Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Lindsay, and your entire family as her birth grows nearer. As parents, we cannot begin to imagine what you have and will have to go through in the coming months. Your strength is amazing.
Thinking of you,
Anne and Andy Khazad
Michael and Nicholas too.

Anonymous said...

Jr. and Suzie....
I have been thinking about you often these past months and was just about to email you about getting together when we received your mom's letter. We are so sorry you both are having to go through something like this and are here if you EVER need anything. It sounds like you are surrounded by prayers and people of great faith--combined with yours little Lindsay is going to do great! We will think of you often and even though we don't see you guys much, please, don't hesitate to ask anything of us. Our prayers for Lindsay, you, your family, and especially those doctors are out there.

Sam & Clint

Anonymous said...

Hi, everyone. I have a couple of ideas for some fundraisers, one question, the may 15th date for the money to be matched. Is it possible that they would do a second match at a later date? I will be in touch. would love if I could have Linda's e-mail, would like to let her know what I am thinking about. Take care, and blessings to all. judi Hayward-Snell.

Anonymous said...

JR and Suzie,

Just wanted to say hello and let you know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. This blog is extremely helpful in keeping up to date with everything happening in your lives while anticipating the arrival of Lindsay Raye. I wish you both the very best!

Kimberly Murray