Friday, May 2, 2008

Keeping up the Dean's homefront

The calendar has been turned to May as we approach Lindsay's birth next month. We have been overwhelmed with the generous and caring response since our letters have been received. I have received many notes and calls concerning other needs that will need to be met and I would like to address them as the time is approaching.

A fantastic friend of Suzie and JR's has graciously volunteed to be the homefront coordinator because the immediate families will be with them in Ann Arbor for an undetermined amount of time. Shannon Poortenga will set up scheduling of needs for the Dean household while they're in Ann Arbor and for when they arrive home, hopefully mid July.

We are, of course, thinking very positively that Lindsay's first surgery will go well and that they will bring her home in July. Please keep in mind that they will also return to Ann Arbor for two additional open heart surgeries for Lindsay, which will require them to be away from home again for a length of time.

Lawn care has been spoken for by Brian Poortenga (thanks Brian!)

Some of the other needs required are:

*Making sure the dog (Shelby) is cared for with fresh food and water every day. She doesn't need to be let in and out as she will have easy access to the fenced in back yard at all times.

*Mail will need to be brought into the house on a regular basis.

*Although Suzie and JR have several family members that will care for Cole and Cruz, it wouldn't hurt to have some backups for childcare.

*Upon their arrival home, it would be nice if we had meals brought in for a couple of weeks as they get used to the care required for Lindsay and the quality time they will want to spend with Cole and Cruz as they adjust to a normal life again.

* Anything else your creative minds might come up with.

Please contact Shannon at 269-806-2266 or e-mail her at if you would like to help in any way. Out of town friends and relatives can also help with meals by contacting Shannon for some great ideas.

Thanks to all of you, Suzie and JR will not have to worry about any of their lodging expense at the Ronald McDonald house.

Please keep checking the blog for new updates as the time is closing in on us and soon this will become a reality.

A special thanks to Brian and Shannon Poortenga for their support as we pray for them, also.

Heart Hugs,
Linda Lindsay Smith
(Suzie's mom)

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