Friday, May 30, 2008

A Brother's Anticipation ~ How cute!

"I can't wait to take Lindsay swimming."


Katie said...

What a sweet family you have! I found your blog through Annabelle's and just wanted to wish you all the best. We found out prenatally as well about our daughter's heart defect and the months before her birth were more difficult than after she arrived. You have done a wonderful job preparing yourselves for this. Lindsay and your family will be in our prayers. Congratulations on a baby girl! What a blessing she will be! (I bet we share very familiar feelings after 2 boys!!!)

Take care,
Katie Allred
mom to (HRHS baby)

Scott McMillan said...

What a cute family you have. Good luck with the pursuing months. These heart babies are so special and feel so blessed to be a part of their journey. Our 9 month old has HLHS and is a blessing to our family each and every day.