Friday, February 6, 2009

Out of Cath Lab

Lindsay did well and got out of the cath lab around 11:30. She is very sleepy and resting comfortably now. Procedure started off rough trying to manipulate her tunnelled line and after and hour and a half, Dr. Bocks was able to get in and start the cath. After that, everything went very smooth. We do have to say, Dr. Bocks looked exhausted afterwards! ha ha We are exhausted so we are leaving for a while and getting a nap in while the princess is doing the same. I will post a little later. So far, no cannula and just blow by to keep her sats up while she is sleeping and on drugs. Looks good as of now though. Thanks for praying.......we will speak with the doctor later about her pressures.....aghhh The agony of waiting!!!! Now I know what our stalkers feel like! ha ha
Love you all!


Stephanie said...

So thankful and happy to hear that Linesay came through without any problems. Anxious to hear what her pressures were...praying they are low enough!!!!

On pins and needles :)

Hope you all and Lindsay can get some rest!

Stephanie Winter said...

Thankful for success... now get some rest. Praying for good pressures!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Carole & Uncle Robb praying for a workable outcome. Love you all lots!

Maggie Geiger said...

Oh the life of a stalker.... So glad that everything went well. Still continuing to pray for low numbers!

The Geigers

Michelle said...

Aaaahhhh.....don't leave us hanging!

Elaine said...

Praise God for a good day in the cath lab!! Maybe the Princess is turning over a new leaf for performance in the cath lab...after all she will need to go there often between now and her Prom!! It's time to grow up, Princess!

Love you all, Elaine

The Hands said...

I haven't checked for a couple of days. I'm in Seattle seeing Leah so was suprised to see the cath. We will be hoping for good #'s. Glad Lindsay has been happy and playing.

Waiting strengthens our faith and lengthens our perspective.
~ Chuck Swindoll

Anonymous said...

My name is Kayla Poret. My little boy is 20 months old and has had 3 heart surgeries. I truly know what your going through. We are from Louisiana and traveled to Boston for surgery. Talk about out of your element. He is doing great and truly a walking testimony. I am so proud of him and give God all the credit. Please visit to view his story.

Kayla Poret