Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LONG night....

Well, it was my turn in Lindsay's room last night and after sleeping all day, she certainly didn't want to sleep very well last night. So, today, I feel like a zombie!! Lindsay had her echo yesterday to help determine whether or not she was dealing with rejection and.........NO REJECTION!!!! Every time that I hear that, I could just kiss and hug whomever it is that tells us! God is good!!! Throughout the day, despite adding another antibiotic to her list of meds, Lindsay still wasn't improving. So, now she is doing breathing treatments to try and loosen all the stuff that she has in her lower right lobe. Poor girl looks like she was hit by a truck! Today's plan of attack is to try and get her to eat. Seems easy but the girl has no interest what so ever! We tried some baby bananas this morning and surprisingly, she did quite well. She ate 3/4ths of the small jar but still has no interest in a bottle. We will keep trying so that she will feel stronger. Thank you for all of the prayers! We know that He listens to all of your pleads!
Heart Blessings~


Katie said...

So sorry your little sweetie is in the hospital! Things do change so sudden with these heart kids, don't they!?! Maddie's not herself lately either. Always something to worry about I guess. Yay for no rejection...

sending our prayers and heart hugs your way! Hang in there!!

The B Family said...

Praise GOD for no rejection! Now, let's just get the rest of this taken care of!
Praying for the Princess to be back to her spunky little self very, very soon!
(By the way, I personally like the baby bananas girl's got good taste!)
LOVE being able to keep up to date on y'all through FB...this has opened up a whole new world to me (Uh-oh)!

Love you, friend...get some rest!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Thanks goodness it's not rejection. I am so glad to hear that.. I do hope that she gets better soon and you all can go home again..

Jeannie (HAPPY HEART) said...

Praise the Lord for NO REJECTION!! Prayers continue for you whole family!! Thanks for keeping all of us stalkers informed :)