Saturday, April 17, 2010

A little progress.......

So in rounds yesterday, it was decided to put Lindsay on a steroid to try and reduce inflammation (if that is what the problem is) in her lungs because now the x-ray indicates a problem now more centered and left instead of lower and the right side of her lungs. So, does that mean that pneumonia is gone and we have another issue? Maybe. So far she is coughing better to get things out of her lungs and it appears that the steroid is working. they have scheduled for her to be on a five day regimen of this and praying that this does the trick. In the meantime, she is still getting breathing treatments and LOTs of percussion! JR went home yesterday to be with the boys and they were just elated that he did just that. I am hitching a ride home with the Winter's today to get the van and that will allow hubby to work this week and not have to come back to get us when Lindsay is released. Why do things have to rotate around work?? Oh yeah, that insurance thing! ha ha Good news is that this morning, Lindsay woke up asking for her bottle and drank 150 cc's! That is definite progress from previous days. Now, we just have to keep that going so that she can get off her supplemental fluids via IV. Please continue the prayers for the princess! Man, this lung business is almost as scary as the heart stuff! Momma needs another vacation!!
Heart Blessings~

PS Please included our sweet heart friend, Evie, in your prayers. Recent echos indicate that she may need more surgical repair soon due to her transposition surgery shortly after she was born. Oh, Evie, we love you and pray for you always!


The Simmons Family said...

We're praying for the princess that it's just pnemonia (which really isn't a good thing) and not something bigger. Lung business is pretty scary but it's good to know that her heart is doing amazing!!!!

We'll keep Evie in our prayers too.

The B Family said...

So glad things are looking up! Praying for continued improvement for the Princess!
Y'all all (and I really don't think that's proper grammer) amaze me!!! All 5 of the Deans are rockstars!
Know she has a special little angel keeping her company while you're in transit!
Love you~ Rebecca

Evie's Story said...

Oh Suzie,
we are so lifting up your sweet girl as she fights off another bug! She is one tough princess and has overcome so much in her short life. Just another bump and she'll be back on her feet toddling outta there! Get well Lindsay so you can start plannin' your party!

I just ach for you though to have to go at this alone with JR returning home. Your torn with your boys home and Lindsay needing you there....... I know all too well!

Thank you friend for your heartfelt encouragement and prayers for our Evie-girl! So glad we have eachothers!

Tiffany Lockette said...

Praying for your princess and Miss Evie.