Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Surgery (s)

What a day for prayers everywhere.....
A late afternoon call from the U of M has Lindsay in for surgery this morning to fix and close her feeding tube entrance in her tummy.
Cole is having surgery this morning to have tubes put in his ears.
Grandpa Lumbard is having surgery this afternoon to have a stint repaired.
Is that enough?
Yes once again Suzie and JR are having to split up while two kids have surgery. Please lift them up while they experience the agony alone having to give their children up to the competant medical staff and pray that the Drs. have steady hands.
Grandpa, well he's a legend in the Lumbard family and I'm sure that Suzie would like to be there also. The kids love him so much.



Evie's Story said...

What a day! We have been praying since I saw her your Facebook post. Bless your hearts. You're gonna write a book when all this settles down:-)

Michelle said...

We will keep you all in our prayers! Lindsay's surgery is GOOD NEWS--goodbye, feeding tube, take over, chompers! Still, I can't imagine the anxiety you all are experiencing today. May God hold you in His hands and give you strength.


ann said...

Prayers all around.

Everyday Mom Designs said...

I'm late on this, but hope everything went well.. I'm rushing over to your newest post to check now..