Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tis' the time.......

to raise awareness about American Heart Month and now the famous CHD awareness week (February 7-14). I have begun my quest to collect items for my goal of 40 Love from Lindsay baskets to deliver to Mott on February 8th. I have received so many donations for the baskets. Both items and monetary. We could still use both to make this happen, so if you would like to contribute to this ministry, you can do so by using PayPal to the right of this post (to sponsor a basket is $15), or if you have items to add to the baskets such as Valentine themed receiving blankets, pacifiers, pacifier holders, infant boy hats, infant (boy and girl) socks, or 6-8 inch stuffed Valentine animal, you can email me at utsuzie@gmail.com and I will get you the address to send your donation to. This ministry has really made a difference in a parents day, or week, and I am very thankful to all of you that have contributed. My hope is to keep this going for a VERY long time!

Princess News: The month of January has really been low key for the most part and have just stayed out of the cold trying to prevent any illness! Besides a runny nose and slight cough every now and then, she has been healthy......until Sunday night that is. If I hadn't posted it, Lindsay had another ear infection in November that required two doses of antibiotic to get rid of it. Prior to that, since June (on her birthday of all days!), she has two other that have required double dose antibiotics and a few other that just required one. In our visit to the pediatrician on Monday, we have made the decision that we have been trying to avoid.....Lindsay is getting tubes! The next question was answered today on where she would get them done......Ann Arbor. I'm ok with that. We meet with an ENT on February 8th (good timing to deliver baskets, too!!!)to determine how soon we can get this taken care. Poor girl Sunday night was SCREAMING ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!! Felt so sorry for her. Even Motrin and Tylenol didn't take the edge off.
Other than that excitement, we have been good and staying afloat. I CAN"T WAIT 'TIL SPRING!!!!!!!!!! Getting a blizzard tonight GRRRRR so sick and tired of snow! I am officially in the "winter blues". On the bright side, the sun did make an appearance the other day! Miracles DO happen!! lol At the top of the blog, I posted a new picture of the princess playing in the snow....well, standing, but her version of playing in it! ha ha I have also included a picture of a few of the items that will appear in the Love from Lindsay Baskets for "heart" day/week. I cannot wait to make this delivery and show all of the families how much we care for them! Until next time.......

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