Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update in Little Miss....

Due to multiple ear infections since last June, Lindsay's pediatrician has pulled the trigger and called U of M to have tubes put in her ears. This passed month has been awful and she has been on an antibiotic of some sort all month long! She goes through her ten day cycle on the med, off for a day or two, and then scream of pain in the middle of the night. Yep, infected again! Or it never went away! Poor thing! So, on March 8th we go to A2 for her next transplant clinic visit and pre-op for her surgery on the 9th. Yes, folks, she found something else that she hasn't experienced yet! By the time she's 20, she will have had every surgery known to man! lol
The dates actually worked pretty well. We will just stay the night on the 8th and won't have to worry about making the few trips back and forth. We also just found out that Lindsay's boyfriend ;-) , Tommy, has an appointment on the 8th as well and we will be able to have dinner and spend some time with them! So excited!
From a transplant stand point, she has been doing great! Anxious though to see what her echo and levels look like because she has been a bit "purple" in her lips and fingers. But, the good part is that it goes away every now and then so I'm not totally freaked out about it yet. She has been acting fine, minus the pain in her ears, and is speaking more and more words every day. She's growing up. Don't know how I feel about that yet ;-)

The above photos are of Lindsay eating her VERY nutritious breakfast. The stinker slipped a few treats in with her frosted flakes ;-) Hey, I think everyone is a sucker for Jelly Belly's! The other one is of Lindsay and Jen when we delivered those precious Valentine Baskets to the heart kiddos in POD A. They have a special bond that will never be broken. We love you, Jen!


Cousin Nancy said...

Looks like Lindsay is carrying on the family tradition! I remember when your mom (Linda) would plunk down in front of the TV with a box of cereal after her brothers had left for school until your grandma (Margaret) decided that wasn't such a good idea.
-Sure hope they get the ear infection situation licked!
Cousin Nancy

Anonymous said...

It is so sad that Doctors don't tell you the antibiotics are what keep the recurring ear infections coming back worse.
Kill off all the good germs so she cannot fight off the next one.... so very very sad and frustrating.
Heat and olive oil used to be the cure in the olden days.

The B Family said...

So...she's growing up too fast. These pictures are NOT enough to cure my fix...is September here yet????

Love you!!!!