Friday, September 26, 2008

Cath update #1

They have begun to measure pressures and saturation's......all is good so far.

I forgot to mention that earlier when we went to the cafeteria for lunch, we met both Joshua AND Braeden today. Two heart children that are on Lindsay's blog. Can you believe that we ran into both of them! Braeden was here with his Mom and Dad visiting some friends that are here at U of M and later for a check up. Joshua was here for an appointment. Both boys looked great and were smiling as big as ever. Although brief, it really touched my heart to be able to meet them at last.

They say another update in about 1/2 an hour........


Anonymous said...

We have been thinking about you all day...thanks so much for this little are so sweet to do that...I feel like I am there. Praying, praying....

All I want to say is "You have no idea HOW MUCH we all love you"...there just aren't words.

Love and Hugs, Elaine

Julie Miles said...

Glad to hear the cath is going well so far. I've been praying all morning/afternoon for you guys - especially you Suzie with having to also hand off Cole for but at least he's off having fun and hopefully keeping his mind off his little sissy!

Alison and Rich Lee said...

HI Suzie and JR,
I've been thinking of you today and I hope and pray that all goes well. Last night Amanda had her first Girl Scout meeting of the year and we talked about Lindsay. Now she has won over the hearts and minds of Amanda's friends. They are considering doing a special meeting to honor Lindsay and to learn about heart babies. I will keep you posted.

Can't wait to read more blogs later today and through the weekend. You will remain in our thoughts and prayers!


Anonymous said...

It was so nice to finally meet you today! I spoke with Jenni this evening, and imagine my surprise to hear that you bumped into them today too! Sorry I didn't have more time to chat, we were running a little late. Hoping that the cath went well...we continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

~Stephanie(Braeden's mommy)

Anonymous said...

Sending all of our love! We hope everything is going well for Princess Lindsay! When you are home and settled again, Alli is dying to visit Lindsay. Sending up many prayers for your family.

Dan, Maggie, Ben & Alli

The Mason Family said...

Praying that the cath went wishes.

Shannon Mason

jen hnilo said...

Thinking of of you and praying for your family. You are so strong Suzie!