Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Princess is 3 months old!!!

Hello all! Just wanted to share that Lindsay is celebrating her 3rd month birthday today. We couldn't be happier to have made it this far. We saw her cardiologist today and said that he was going to contact U of M to see if they would like him to do a heart cath here in Kalamazoo. The other option, and the way that U of M seems to do things, is that they do a heart cath the day before surgery so that we don't have to make several trips. However, Dr. Loker wants to find out if we need to do it sooner because of her heart function. It is diminishing a little, which is typical the closer we get to the next operation, and that was his concern but not one that means that we need to do surgery right away. So, I will be waiting by the phone to see what he found out from U of M. Hopefully he can get someone on the phone today. She has her next cardio appointment on the 26th and we will go from there. One step at a time. He increased some of her meds as well because of heart function but maily because she is little miss chunky monkey! She is now at 4ML of captipril, .5ml lasix, and .5ml digoxin. Hopefully this will help and the blue around her mouth will go away a little too. But, that might stay until after surgery.
She weighed in today at 11 pounds, 1 ounce!!! Have I mentioned that she has quite the chipmunk cheeks going?! I promise that I will have some new photos posted by the end of the day. Looks like my USB ports stopped working on me so I will just put all the photos on a disk and get them that way until I can get some spare time, yeah right!!, and get my computer fixed. Anyway, she is growing like a weed and I really wish that were weren't so excited about her getting bigger. But, she needs this next operation so we want her as hefty as possible. She is just a delightful little girl and smiles allot. Thank GOD she hasn't gotten sick. We are still crossing our fingers on that one.
Ok, so pray that the doctors make the right decision for Lindsay and looks like October is for sure for the hemi-fontan. Just not the exact date yet. The drum roll is still going on that one.
Oh, and I plan on, for those of you that are interested in knowing, posting what is involved in the next surgery and what reconstruction is going to be done. Quite interesting really.
Until next time......
Love, Suzie


Evie's Story said...

We will be praying (as we have all along) for this little sweetheart...timing...wisdom...and peace surrounding the next surgery. Happy three month birthday little missy!

Mandy Smith
mom to Evie - transposition of the great arteries

Simmons Family: said...

I can't wait to see pics!! Owen had to have his Glenn at 3mo due to crummy heart function... I pray that Lindsay will have a little more time to get stronger. Only time will tell...


jen hnilo said...

Just checking in. I hope everyone is on the mend ( I read the list of illnesses are your house :) )
Happy 3 month birthday Lindsay!! The prayers are still going strong.

Anonymous said...

Happy 3 Month Birthday Miss Lindsay! I hope everyone there is feeling better. Hannah is working on a get well card for Cole as we speak. Still praying for Lindsay and your entire family as the surgery draws nearer. Thanks for keeping us posted.


dani said...

Happy 3 month birthday from your 5 month birthday friend in Oregon! We love you and can't wait to see you in a week! Give Cole a hug for me...poor guy.

Love you- Dani

Hi Jen Hnilo!

The Lee Family said...

Hello Dean Family,
Thanks so much for your updates. We cannot get over how much Lindsey has changed since her last photos. She is looking more and more like JR's side of the family, Suzie. You're going to be like me and have children that bear no resemblence to your side of the family. I always say that they got the most important part from me...their brains!!

Anyway, Happy 3 month Birthday Lindsay!!! You grow girl!!!!
Love you guys,

Alison and the Lee clan