Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Schedule

Hi all! Well, we have a new schedule. The final decision is that we take Lindsay to U of M on Friday the 26th and that day she will have all of her procedures done. All that is involved is: x-ray, ekg, sedated echo, and then her heart cath. I think I like this better, that way she is only sedated once instead of twice in two consecutive days. The heart cath will determine if little princess is ready for surgery. So, in other words, we will know for sure on surgery by Friday(26th) early evening. Changing the schedule also lets us have the privilege of taking Cole to the airport on Thursday. Some may know that last October we planned a trip to Disney for Cole's 5th birthday. Well, I was just a few weeks pregnant and didn't know about our heart baby yet. Since then, I hadn't changed the tickets in fear of jinxing it, but Cole is still going to go with the Winter's and he will still have an awesome birthday. We asked Cole if he still wanted to go to Disney even if mommy and daddy couldn't go. We said that Bob and Stephanie would take him and he replied, " Yeah, sure. They can watch me." Like it's no big deal! ha ha Thank God for the Winter family. You all have been so wonderful to us and we are grateful for everything. Cole will be in good hands all week and I'm sure he will be spoiled rotten!
Anyway, we were supposed to leave on the 25th, but this is the right decision and this will help Cole keep his mind off of his little sister. He loves her so much and is always worried about her. It is sooo cute! Anyway, that is what will be going on next week.
Please pray that I get through this week and pray that I stop loosing my hair! Yes, loosing my hair. It is coming out in clumps. I guess that is what stress does to you. But, if that is what it takes to still have my daughter, then so be it. I can buy a wig!
Thank you all for your support and still following this blog. We have so many wonderful friends and family. We are strengthened by it more than you know.
Heart hugs and love,


Julie Miles said...

Suzie and family,

Thanks for the updated schedule so we will know exactly how to pray next week for you all. It's hard to believe the time has come so soon for surgery #2. Praying all goes well with pre-op and the cath so that you'll have your surgery date and be able to get all of that past you and enjoy having Lindsay home once again. She's such a fighter that I think she'll do fine this time around. Our surgeons say this is an "easier" surgery than the first one and recovery is usually shorter so we'll pray that Lindsay gets the message and is able to be in and out with no complications.

Heart Hugs,

Julie, Dan and Ethan Miles

Rebecca said...

Gosh guys, best of luck and so many prayers for all of you. I know you have been waiting for this, but it still doesn't make it any easier. We love you all.

jen hnilo said...

Continued prayers for your family and the doctors. The love we have for our children is amazing. Cole will have a wonderful time, what a blessing he gets to go with such good friends of yours.
Take care, just know prayers are being said.

The Butcher Family said...

I am so glad to learn that I am not the only one losing my hair for not apparent reason! I thought maybe my hair had just decided to give up after all the color and styling done to torture it! I can't half blame it...

What a blessing that the Winter family will take Cole! I know he will have a wonderful time and a very happy birthday!

Keeping you and Lindsay in our prayers...

Heart hugs~ Rebecca

aimee said...

That's so great that The Winters will be taking Cole to Disney World with them. He's such a great kid. It will be a wonderful distraction for him so he can just have fun and not worry as much about what's going on with his sister.

Lindsay is back on our church's prayer list. She's such a tough little cookie, I'm sure she'll come through this next week with flying colors.


The Davidson Family said...

Little Lindsay is in our hearts and prayers. I check this blog daily and can not believe it is already time for her next endeavor but I know she will be fine. Good luck The Davidson's

Christine Babiasz said...

Suzie, you and your family are amazing. I keep up with your blog,although sometimes it is hard to read with the tears, of happiness and sadness bluring my vision. Your love for each other, your knowledge that God is there for you, as well as you friends and family , and although I do not want to intrude your customers. I just believe all will be well, you are a strong fabulious woman and mother. My thoughts, prayers are with you.
Sincerely and with deep caring.
Chris Babiasz

Trisha said...

I just wanted you to know that I have just spent the last 4 hours reading your blog from day one. I am a client of Patti's and have seen Lindsay's pictures up. I love them, she really is a princess! My son was born around the same time as her (May 3rd) and my heart just goes out to you and your family. I don't even know you but I know from reading that you all are such strong and loving people Lindsay, Cole and Cruz are lucky to have such great people surrounding them!!! Lots of love and prayers to your family in this next week.

Anonymous said...

Suzie, You and your whole family will be in our Prayers in the weeks to come. I'm jealous of Cole, I want to go with him! He will have a wonderful time and is in wonderful hands too! God Bless! Joe & Sara Dziewicki

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie...I had a wedding (and a wet basement!) this week, so no posts...but then you probably figured that out didn't you? The new picture is GORGEOUS...Princess Lindsay is a breathtaking little girl...oh, those eyes!

I am going to try to call later today to see if you have any time this week when I could visit you and hug and kiss the Princess before you go to Ann Arbor...but don't be afraid to tell me no...I'm sure you will be very busy. I just suddenly realized I have only kissed her in two hospital beds, but somehow never at home where she is happy and did that happen?
I am so glad Cole gets to go on his trip with Steph and Dr. Bob...what priceless friends they are!

As always, praying daily,
Love, Elaine

The Butcher Family said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I LOVE THE NEW PICTURE OF her BOW!!! That is the most precious thing I have seen in quite a while!
Still praying...and holding you close.

Heart hugs~ Rebecca

diana said...

The new picture of Lindsay is so precious. I love the smile. Continued prayers for all of you.

Susie and Trent said...

What an adorable girl, the latest picture is beautiful! We'll be praying for all of you in the upcoming weeks!

Anonymous said...

That might be the cutest baby picture EVER!!!


Uncle Dan said...

I can't wait to see you guys and Lindsay at the Tailgate on State Street Saturday morning! I'm sure Dad will be stirring up some of his famous potatoes n such. I'll be praying for Lindsay on Friday and everyday as well. Go Blue!

Uncle Dan