Wednesday, September 10, 2008

note from mom

Hello to all.....I know I've been silent over the past month or so...(had a little going on) Just wanted to update all of you on the Dean home front.

Cole has mono, (yes, that's right MONO) JR has strep throat, Suzie has a cold...chicken soup has been delivered..All this and it's Suzie's 2nd week back at work. Oh my! To top it all off, we thought Aunt Marva had a heart attack...This is when my dear daughter had her meltdown....We just can't ever loose Aunt Marva!! She's the matriarch of the family! It turns out Aunt Marva is suffering from reflux that resulted in major chest pain. She was smart enough to call for help right away and is going to be just great. Well, the fact that the Dr. thought she was only about 60 really helped!!!! I think he thought he had the wrong room when he came in and saw her. We're so proud of her! I hope Suzie and I got her genes.

Bill and I have Cruz at our house, trying to keep him healthy. Of coarse, Miss Lindsay is with mom, dad and Cole. Cole knows his limitations with her and is being a great young man about it. It's so cute to see him walk around with his head tilted because of his swollen glands. Bless his heart.

Bill is on the mend and walking between 1 and 2 miles a day. Of course I go with him every chance I get. Anyway he's close to his 10% difference in loosing 10% of his body weight. I'm doing it with him and together we've lost 36 lbs. He isn't going to be re-evaluated until November, so until then he still can't drive. He spends a lot of time on the internet and doing small jobs around the house which makes him totally exhausted.

We're counting down 'til Miss Lindsay's next surgery. It's so sad that we're wanting her to grow into this surgery time instead of wanting her to remain at this tiny baby stage, but we all know it's for her own good. We all love her so!

Hope this catches you all up.

Heart Hugs



The Butcher Family said...

Thanks for the update, Mom! We've been aching for more Lindsay pictures! (hint, hint) I just can't get enough of her :)
Congrats on the weight loss! That's incredible! Please give Suzie, JR and the boys our best...hoping they are all running around and feeling better very soon!
As always, Lindsay is close to our hearts and in our daily prayers...she is so precious~ Rebecca

Ron and Sue said...

Hey there!! You are constantly in our thoughts are prayers! What's up with Cole's MONO?!!! Garrett is missing his buddy at Young 5's - where did that all come from! You all have been dealt a full hand - proud to be able to uphold you all with our prayers! Take care and be sure to let us all know when and where we can help. love ya, Ron & Sue

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about all the illness. We send our love.