Saturday, September 27, 2008


I finally got this darned computer in her room at the hospital working!!! Mom explained the situation pretty well I think. We were told tonight that we won't have a set date until Monday sometime for surgery. So, just a waiting game until Monday. Thank God it is only one more day to wait! I just want to send and special "thank you" to my Mom.........she went right over to our house with Cruz in hand and started our laundry and made us a few meals to warm up here at the hospital so we don't have to eat out everyday. Not only does it help us save money, but helps keeps the calories low!!! If it weren't for you, we would still be there doing our laundry. Thanks Mom, we love you very much!
Well, we are currently waiting for her blood transfusion to take place. They put an IV in her foot tonight, which lowered her oxygen levels even more because she got so mad. They have her on more flow and they are coming up a little. By looking at her, she looks like her normal self. It makes me wonder how long her sats were this low since we last went in to the cardiologist on the 11th. Anyway, she is happy as pie like usual and eating fine too.
We are thanking God tonight for having us do this heart cath here at U of M. We were going through the scenario if we were home. They would have done the cath, discovered that her sats were way too low, and then she would have probably taken an ambulance ride over here. We are sooo thankful that Dr. Loker had this done here when he did. God had the plan all set for us and even got us in at RMH. Yes, hotels this weekend here were $250-$300 a night! That was even my travel agent rate. Can you believe that?!! That is completely nuts! What a Michigan football game creates. By the about that game,huh?!!! GO BLUE!!
Lindsay does have a leaking tricuspid valve and her shunt is narrowing but not so much that she is in trouble in the near future. Because of her awesome weight, the cardiologist and surgeon feels that she is ready for the Hemi. No other worries however except for the darned pulse ox.
She had Papa and Uncle Dan visit her today. Of course, after the game. Needless to say they sounded a little hoarse after their exciting day. It was nice to spend a little time with them tonight before they headed back to Kalamazoo.
Well, I'm exhausted and Lindsay is about ready to eat. Until tomorrow-
Love , Suzie


Katie said...

Thinking of you guys and praying for sweet Lindsay. Thanks for the update...I've been checking on you and wondering how everything had gone. She's going to do great. Praying for you for comfort and strength in these upcoming days. Hugs to you!
Katie & Maddie

Rebecca said...

Suzie, you are amazing with all your strength. I have been praying for your family all weekend. I'm glad to hear she is doing well right now. As for U of M - HOLY COW, what a game. I was thrilled when I found out it would be on TV down here. Thank goodness we did't turn it off at the half. Take care of Princess Lindsay and yourself. I'll be watching for more updates. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. We have been thinking of your little Lindsay. So glad you were in the right place at the right time. What a little miracle she is; so strong.
hugs from our family to yours
the snyders

Anonymous said...

I will be thinking about you I know this must be hard for both of you. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I know Lindsay will be ok, she has alot of people praying for. Lots of Love Aunt Retta and Wade

dani said...

Thank you for calling me late last night. I thought about Lindsay all night at work. I hope she is still dong great today, I am sure she is. I sure do miss her. I got spoiled getting to see her and the boys. I put the pictures up right away you gave me. I can't wait to get our new pictures of the girls back from Patti! SO cute!! Call me whenever you can i have the next 2 days off. we love you and miss you!

Dani,mark,brooke and your best friend, Ian.

Tina said...

Dear Suzie, Jr and Lindsay,

Sound like things are ok. We are keeping good thoughts just waiting to hear when the surgery will be.

Love ya,

Steve, Tina, Tango, Cash and of course Shelby.

Anonymous said...

Dean Family,
my thoughts are with you all. I read your blog and even if I re-read something I've read before, it just blows my mind what you all have gone through(especially Lindsay). AMAZING!!! Others will learn from your strength. Take care of yourselves!
Tiffany Deubner (Leveque)

The Butcher Family said...

Thanks for the update...Suzie,you know your mom is wonderful!!! I am in love with her!
Keeping you close and praying for Lindsay...beautiful, brave, strong and insanely darling Lindsay! And for you, too, friend.
Heart hugs~ Rebecca

The Winter Family said...

Your oldest is sleeping soundly... I am sure the homesickness will wear off after he rides Test Track again... he has already rode it 4 times!! We are wearing the birthday buttons everyday... so far, free ice cream and free cookies! We miss you guys and are praying for everything for tomorrow and this week. We love you and we are having a blast with your boy!
Steph, Bob, Cole, Garrett, William, Maggie and George

Evie's Story said...

we're so proud of you big girl. Praying peace and rest for all of you and cheering you on! May the peace that passes all understanding guard your HEARTS and minds!

With Love
Mandy & Evie