Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday update

After spending the night last night, the decision was made for Lindsay to stay at the hospital. We thought she was just having trouble recovering from the anesthetic, but she was moved from a regular floor room to moderate care where they can monitor her closer. Her oxygen levels weren't good, so she is being assisted with oxygen. Suzie and JR were able to get into the RM house, which was great 'cause you know there's a home football game today at U of M and the hotels were out of sight!

Suzie and JR made the drive home to pack for the next two weeks because they have scheduled Lindsay's surgery ASAP. That means that they're putting her on the schedule as soon as they can, however she wasn't critical enough to have to do the surgery immediately.

While they were home getting things in order, a message came in from U of M that they will need to give permission for Lindsay to have a blood transfusion as soon as they get back. Nothing serious, she's had this before to get her levels where they want them to be.

From what I understand her heart is slightly enlarged, has a leaky valve, and her shunt has narrowed. This makes her a prime candidate for her next surgery so they can also fix what needs to be tended to. Luckily her weight makes this possible sooner than normal for an HLHS baby.

Cole's having a great time with the Winter's at Disney, Cruz is with Bill and me, Tina has the dog and we're in "help mode" for the next couple of weeks.

Suzie has promised to get her passwords in order so that she can update in more detail tonight, I just didn't want to leave all you stalkers on pins and needles any longer on an update.

Heart Hugs to all of you,



Simmons Family: said...

So glad to hear they are moving forwatd with the Glenn. Owen was an early Glenn and I'm so glad that we got it done with. He also had the enlarged heart and leaky valve. Prayers that things will go smoothly and recovery will be quick!

Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

So glad to have the news, which seems to be both good and bad. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Thanks for the update, Linda.
Love, Debbie and Rick

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU LINDA!!! :) You know we are DYIN' out here in Stalker-land. I am sorry Lindsay is having issues (instead of being the Perfect Princess I spent Wed with!) but relieved the surgery will be soon. And you know UofM will do is as soon as it turns out to be necessary. I am especially thankful for the message left by Owen's mom saying that he had the enlarged heart and leaky valve...makes it sound almost normal...well, as normal as these babies can ever be! Praying, praying...

Linda...before I started to ask a question relating to your Bill... and my stroke...yesterday when Aunt Marva arrived. Please call if you want to talk because I think I could make you feel better...we are going out tonight but will be home all day Sunday. I hate to bother you when you have Cruz, so you pick a time and call if you want.

Can you feel us all hugging you...?

Heart Hugs, Love, Elaine

Tina said...

Dear Suzie and Jr.

I am glad everything is good. I didn't sleep very well last night kept waking up and almost came downstairs to check but knew I would just have to wait. Couldn't stand it any longer and Steve knew I was worrying so he called your mom for an update. I am glad they are taking good care of Lindsay. Keep smilin and we are all praying for you all.

Love ya,

Steve and Tina

PS: Shelby is doing fine, she has played all day with Tango and Cash and we even took her for a walk. She is very tired tonight. She is a very sweet dog. Natalie walked her for me.
So don't worry about her and I will take the mail in everyday also..

diana said...

Glad to hear part one is over and moving along with the surgery soon. Suzie and Jr. you guys are the strongest couple I know. God bless you both. We'll keep praying, that all goes well with the surgery. Keep us posted. heart hugs to all.

Anonymous said...

Bless her little heart!! Hang in there she's tough and I know she'll do great! We'll be thinking of you. Thanks for the upate.

Love, Amanda

Anonymous said...

We can't wait to hear that everything with the second surgery went great. We are thinking of you guys.
Cheryl, Craig, Clayton and Grace

Anonymous said...

Thank you Linda for the update at work Friday night I keep checking for some news. My thoughts and prayers are with Lindsay. I hope everything goes good. Love Aunt Retta and Wade.