Thursday, March 27, 2008

Remembering Sweet Annabelle

Some of you out there know that I have been watching and learning about HLHS through little Annabelle Butcher's blog. With a very heavy heart, I am sad to say that Scott, Rebecca, and Wyatt lost there little angel today. I cannot even express to you how many questions that I now have and cannot even fathom what questions that the Butcher's might need the answers to. Needless to say, it has been a very rough evening for me. However, knowing and believing that she is now a very healthy little girl and in GOD's hands is very comforting even though that I wish for the family that they had little Annabelle to tuck into bed tonight. I know that every little human being is different but a parent should never have to go through this. This is our biggest fear but this family is a HUGE inspiration to us in having comfort that thier little angel is in good hands now. The Butcher's have very strong faith and I know that they will get through just fine. I just want them to know that even though complete strangers, they will be in our hearts forever.
Someone very recent said to me, GOD needs little people in heaven too. Well, HE certainly just got a beautiful angel.

Love, Suzie


Julie Miles said...

Annabelle and her family will be in our family's heart forever too. We had another Christian HLHS family we "knew" through their blog (and met once at the hospital) and they lost their son at 5 months old (6 days before our son Ethan was born) so I can understand the thoughts and feelings you must be experiencing at this time, still being pregnant.

Much love,

Julie, Dan & Ethan Miles

Joshuasamazingheart said...

Hi, I found your blog on Anabelle's site. I wanted to say "hello" and welcome to the "heart world". I have a almost three year old son, Joshua who also has HLHS and we too are at the University of Michigan, with Dr. Bove. Joshua is my miracle. Hope is something you must have...because without hope, you have nothing. I would love for you to read about Joshua's journey on our carepage at, the page name is Joshuaspage (all one word like that). Again welcome, I will be saying a prayer for you and your little Lindsay (coming soon)!

Heart hugs,
Jenni Black

Stephanie said...

Hi there,

I also found your blog on Annabelle's site,(and my best friend Jenni who alreay posted here) and wanted to offer some encouragement. My son Braeden has HLHS and has had all three of his surgeries at U of M. He is now an active, happy toddler, who loves life. I know that it is very hard to await the unexpected, and I wanted to let you know that you and your family will be in our prayers. Feel free to visit our page at page name:babyhusted or email me at

~Stephanie Husted
( mom to Colin HH and Braeden HLHS)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that I am checking your blog and I am so glad that we will be able to get regular updates once Lindsay arrives! I know how hard it must be, just waiting....
This blogging world.....I suddenly have all these babies and the cf husband that I have to keep up on now!:)
Love you guys!!

The B Family said...

Thank you for this beautiful post! Our angel baby is so amazing and I feel so blessed to have been chosen to love her. Lindsay stays in our prayers daily. I know you are anxious to see her precious face. I would like to send her an Annabelle Basket, too! Could you please email me an address you would like it mailed to? It is my pleasure!

Mariam said...

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