Thursday, December 25, 2008


If anyone is interested in an end of the year donation (tax deductible!) to help the Dean Family, we're happy to say that we have the ability to facilitate that! If you're interested, please e-mail for further instructions on how to do that.

Lindsay's story aired on WWMT TV Christmas Eve. Please visit to view her story. (HINT: to listen to the story, first go down to the playlist and pause the background music of the blog) Let's make it the most viewed video for Christmas Day!

The Lindsay Dean Heart Fund gave back to the community this week by hosting the American Red Cross Blood Drive, The Gift of Life, and The Morrow Foundation's Donor Registry sign up. We're happy to report that the Red Cross ran out of blood bags in spite of nasty weather and we had a record number of first time donors. We have been invited by the Red Cross to sponsor the next Parchment Blood Drive Feb. 17th. Please stay tuned to the blog for further information.

Coming soon.......Our Sweet(heart) dinner and silent auction in honor of our sweetheart princess, Lindsay, February 14th at St. Ambrose Church in Parchment. Please also stay tuned to the blog for further information concerning details.

Have a blessed Christmas Day!

The Lindsay Dean Heart Fund Committee


Uncle Dan said...

Sis, JR, Cole, Cruz, & Lindsay,

May God and the angels be with Baby Lindsay and the family.
May God hold her safely in the palm of his hand. We ask healing and renewed energy for Baby Lindsay. God rock her gently in the cradle of your lovefree from pain and surrounded by your light.
We ask and believe in Jesus Name.
Jesus....reach out and touch Baby Lindsay.....
We are thinking about you today on Christmas more than any gift, any dinner, any picture, etc. You guys mean the world to us and are always in our thoughts and prayers. We miss you and love you guys!

Merry Christmas!

Uncle Dan, Braeden, and Camden

The Davidson Family said...

We are thinking of you guys - Merry Christmas!

Love, Travis, Kristen, Chris, Josh, Lexi, Drew, and Adrianna

p.s. She is looking just awesome.

The B Family said...

Merry Christmas, precious friends! We love you and are praying for a beautiful Christmas for Lindsay!

Blessings and joy~ Rebecca

Evie's Story said...

I love photos...and the new one at the top is a keeper! Ooh, what a precious, captivating little smile...and holding onto her hat - how did you get her to do that? Absolutely a WINNER!!

Merry Christmas to a very special little girl. Praying your day has been filled with sweet memories of Lindsay's first and unforgettable Christmas. Hope your family has had some sweet time together!

Anonymous said...

Hope all of you had a nice Xmas. I thoughts and prayers are with all of you Retta and Wade.

Anonymous said...

I just love all the new pictures! I thought the Christmas one was just the best and then I saw the new one tonight so now I am torn. She is just such a beautiful baby!

Anonymous said...

Hey My brother Jason and his wife Amanda keep our family posted on lindsay (Carlee's heart sister):)
I just watched the tv airing online about linsays story! You guys are strong and lindsay most definitely takes after her parents!

-My prayers and thoughts are will you all, Amanda (Jason's sister)

Michelle said...

Merry Christmas, Deans! We watched your news story, and it was very touching. We also loved the slideshow you created for the blood drive. You guys do a wonderful job encouraging people to give and to help such deserving sick children. We continue to keep Lindsay and your entire family in our prayers. It was so good to get to know you and we hope to stay in touch. Love, Steve, Michelle, and the boys

Stephanie Winter said...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family! I had fun wrapping with you last week. Thanks for the girl time! Happy New Year! love,