Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Having Hope

I have titled this post Having Hope because something wonderful has happened and we hope the vibe continues on to Lindsay. A little girl, age 10 I think, got her new heart today. She is surgery now and praying that everything goes well. I do not know them at all but I will try and catch up with the parents to see if they have a carepage or blog that we can follow her on.
Lindsay has had a GREAT day! Her feedings have gone great and still no fevers! She is smiling, trying to play a little, and working hard at her new skill of rolling over. She has developed a new trick as well. She waves with her foot! It is just too cute and the way she looks at it would just crack you up......."hey, I not sure but I think this thing is attached!"
The docs have again adjusted her potassium to every 3 hours and lessened the dose of course too. She was having to many lows and then it would go way high. So to try and eliminate that, that was their decision. They now only have to check her levels every 6 hours which means less blood coming out of her! They also decided to give her her diuretics every 3 hours as well. Oh, and they eliminated her digoxin. I didn't know this before but apparently digoxin can cause arrhythmia's and because her dose was so small, that she would be safe without it. If she seems to act like she needs it, they will just up her milrinone drip to compensate.
Tomorrow is a big day as well. She will be given her next dose of medicine to try and reduce her antibody levels. This medicine is called IVIG. Apparently there are several kinds of IVIG and the one that they will be giving her is called Gammagard Liquid. I will be researching this tonight so that is all I have for you for now. My bet is that Amanda has this figured out before I do! Love ya girl!
That is all for this evening. Stay safe driving out there you Michiganders. It is getting nasty here!


Heidi Ann said...

She is darling! I'm a heart mommy as well and I wish the very best for your princess! This certainly is a roller coaster ride we live on!

The B Family said...

Hey Sweet Friend~ I am so glad that Lindsay Loo is doing well...and what awesome news about the 10 year old's new heart! That is definitely HOPE!
I am praying for her...especially tomorrow with her next treatment.
You've got to take a picture of her foot trick!
I hate we keep missing each other...I will try again tomorrow!
Love you~ Rebecca