Monday, December 1, 2008

Prayer Request......

I would like to request a prayer for our new friends, The Hagerott's. Steve and Michelle arrived at the Ronald McDonald House a few weeks ago with 4 kids (all boys!!!) in tow and the 5th (BOY!!) about to make his appearance. Michelle is currently in labor at U of M and Zachary should make is debut early this morning I would suppose. Zachary was also prenatally diagnosed with a CHD quite similar to HLHS. Please pray that Michelle's delivery goes smoothly and that Zachary doesn't have any trouble right away. They are an incredible family and we have been blessed to have met them. We will be sharing Zachary's journey with them and invite you to share it with us as well. (I have his carepage linked under "heart babies") Please spread the prayers tonight that Zachary is going to be just fine.
Thanks and love to you all!
Love, Suzie

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Stephanie said...

Thank you for sharing. I will keep them in my prayers and stop by their page with a message!