Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Cole and Cruz got some craft time at the hospital today too.

JR had a great birthday with the kids all together. That's a concept huh? ha ha We finished the day off by having dinner at a Mexican restaurant here in Ann Arbor and man, was it delicious! The margaritas and all! :-) Here are some photos from the day.

Lindsay: She had her blood drawn yesterday and still don't know if she will get her Rituxin on Monday or not. I will update when we know. Keep the prayers coming for that angel heart to come but also know that we are very grateful because she is "healthy" in the meantime.
Please keep lifting the Gledhill family up in prayer as well. They were told today that Gracie is not a candidate anymore for the Berlin Heart. This is a major setback and a miracle must occur for Gracie to live. Please pray for that miracle.

Heart Blessings and Love,


Stephanie said...

How wonderful it must have been for all of you to be together this weekend. Praying for Lindsay!!!! Love the pic of all of've gotta fram that one!

The B Family said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!! What a great picture! Glad y'all got to celebrate together & enjoy some yummy dinner!

Lindsay looks amazing! Praying for that little ray of Sunshine daily!

Oh, Suzie, get's supposed to snow 3-4 inches later today here?!!? I'll let you know if that happens! (Trust me, I am NOT counting on it!) :)

Love you~ Rebecca

Evie's Story said...

Happy Birthday to an amazing dad with a beautiful family. A blessed man indeed!
Great new pictures!

Elaine said...

What amazing pictures!! The kids look so happy and sweet and Princess Lindsay: looking as regal as usual!

JR: we wish you a heartfelt Happy Birthday. The picture of you holding all three of your children shows what we want for you for your birthday: a healthy and happy intact family. You have handled all of this stress and chaos with such calm and sense of purpose and everyone who loves you also is very proud of you. Okay... end of motherly overly sentimental writing here!

Love, Elaine and Bill

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

I'm so glad to see and hear that Lindsay is doing so well... she is so darn cute! I love the picture where she is gazing up at her Daddy... that's priceless! A true Daddy's Girl :)

We are continuing our most fervent prayers for her new heart to come soon... very soon!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday, JR, hope you had a great time with all the family together....oh an mexican food, cant get better than that! Glad Lindsay is so happy, we love seeing all her smiles! Take care, see you soon, GO JAMIE!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful birthday present to have the whole family together. You all look so happy. Finding happiness in the middle of everything you are going thru is such a blessing. I will continue to pray for all the Heart babies including Lindsay.

Michelle Dickson

Carlla said...
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Carlla said...

Hi, I came across your link on someone's blog. I am also a heart mom. Our son Aiden has Shones/HLHS.
Your Lindsay is such a cutie! I love those eyes!
My prayers are with Lindsay & your family!

Lauren said...

I found your blog through Kayleigh! I have been checking in for a while. My oldest daughter Mikaela loves checking on Princess Lindsay. She just had a jump rope for hearts at her school and she did it for Lindsay! When she told me I was so proud of her. We are praying so that Lindsays gets her heart soon!! Praying hard in Chicago!! Hope you have another great week!!

AJ,Lauren,Mikaela and Andrew

mrsrubly said...

i have come here from Luke's page. your daughter is just gorgeous. i will continue to follow and comment and most importantly PRAY~you have a really good looking family! stop by in my neck of the woods (blog)when you get a chance!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day! :)