Saturday, February 7, 2009

Recovering Well

Lindsay has had a great day and was back to her normal self today when we arrived at the hospital this morning. However, the cannula was put on because her oxygen sats were still low. She was dipping in the lower 60's to high 50's. This was expected to happen so we weren't shocked to see it on her. She still has it on tonight but I think they may remove it soon because half the time it's NOT in her nose and she stays pretty steady around 74 or so. Also, for all of those on pins and needles about the hemi situation.....we still don't know. It is the weekend so we probably won't here from Dr. G until Monday. However, we do know that her pressures were about the same as they were in November so I'm sure that the answer is still no. You can still say a few prayers and cross all fingers and toes though because we are just assuming that that will be the answer. Have a great night and to all of our fellow Michiganders......get out and enjoy this heatwave that we are having!!!! ha ha
Love, Suzie


Stephanie said...

Hope you all have a good night with the princess!!!

Keeping her in my prayers!

Laura Groen said...

So glad to hear she is doing better. She was on my mind all day on Friday. Looking forward to hearing more good news soon.
Laura Groen

Evie's Story said...

So glad she handled the cath so well! We were praying. Stay warm little muffin!

Evie sends kisses....(big wet ones!)