Friday, May 29, 2009

Giving back........

I have been asked some questions about Lindsay's party that I would like to answer for all of you. Those of you who wish to donate to an organization in lieu of a gift, here are a few ideas. The ones that have touched my heart from day one are the ones in memory of Taylor Grainger. I have updated the icons on the right and there are three new ones. One is Make-A-Wish foundation. The money donated would go towards making a sick child's potential last trip with their family a memorable one. All expenses are paid and would relieve the financial strain on the family to make this happen. A wish should be granted for any prince or princess!!! The second is the Children's Hearts Fund. The money raised here goes towards the research to finding the cure for PLE and the cause of it. This is what Taylor struggled with for about the last 4 years or so of her life......and Ethan Bilpo too for the last year of his. The third is for Team Taylor. This is an organization started by her father, Rob. He and his wife, Karen, have a true passion for what they are doing and feel so strongly about each of the above charities. Team Taylor has grown tremendously and this year's ride will consist of 80 riders or more to raise money for Make-A-Wish. Click on the icons to read about Taylor and what her legacy has taught us. She is "Walking Tall" in heaven and so very proud of all that have participated in making dreams come true for our fellow heart families. If you have questions on how to donate to any of these organizations, please feel free to email me at
Now, please know that ANY organization needs donations, so please don't feel like you have to donate to these. I was asked about my preference and I have a special place in my heart for the above.
Also, good luck to all of you that have purchased cruise raffle tickets. The drawing is TONIGHT and tickets are available up until drawing time which is at 7:30 pm. Thanks again for all of your support and may the one who wins choose to take me as their guest! ha ha ( I am sooooo kidding!!) ;-)
Heart Blessings~


Elaine said...

The one question you didn't answer: can we bring anything? Do you need food or soda or anything like that? Let me know and I will be happy to bring something. I guess that tells you we are coming for sure, huh? We just can not think of someplace we would rather be than the Princess' first birthday party!!

Love, Elaine

Anonymous said...

I love that invite!!!! she is adorable, glad I found your blog