Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update on life in general

First and foremost, Lindsay is doing ok. She has more recent vomiting issues lately that we are trying to figure out, a hemorrhoid because of having so much difficulty pooping, and all of a sudden not nearly as interested in taking her bottle. She will take just about half of it and then push it away. We are very patient with her and then sometimes she will end up taking it all, but when she is just throwing a fit (yes, people you heard right! She is throwing fits now!!) we just end up putting the rest down her NG tube. She does love her baby food, but is still not 100% into eating it. It has been tough getting her to take a bite now, but once we eventually fit it in her mouth, she does eat it and seems to enjoy it. Yes, she is always a mystery but in the meantime, a very happy little princess!

Update on Cruz: We will be taking him in for a CT scan tomorrow morning to see what the heck is making his neck so veiny. (I will try and get a picture of his neck for you and post it) All of this is a result of the Mono that he had in October and the abscess that formed in his neck that was drained. The blood found alternative routes because of the foreign object in the neck and the ENT thought over time that is would get better. Well, it hasn't. In fact, it is more prominent. So, that is on the schedule for tomorrow and we will post the results as we get them for you. Please pray that all he needs is time for the to resolve itself.

Ok, I have been scolded (nicely) by a few as to what is going on with my mom and that I haven't posted anything on her. Well, she has been at the Chelsea Community Hospital at the head pain clinic for the last two weeks to try and see what has been causing her severe headaches that massive amounts of Tylenol will just mask. They did a bunch of different tests and seem to think that they have it narrowed down for her so that medication can control it. Please pray that the meds will help so that she can have a life without any pain. She was released yesterday and is now home and resting giving the meds a chance to work their magic.

Cole has a baseball game on Saturday and then back to A2 on Sunday for me. I hope that all of the special mothers out there have a fantastic day on Sunday. You all deserve it!

Love to you all!



Anonymous said...

Im glad that things are going good for Lindsey. I hope everything goes well for your little man and that you get the answers that you are looking for.!!!
Happy Mothers Day on Sunsay.

kayla dean said...

Glad things are going well for Lindsay.

Hope all goes well for Cruz!

Has your mom tried a Chiropractor???? I would be willing to look at her.

Kayla Dean

Stephanie said...

Glad things are good for Lindsay..hope she will start taking the bottle better soon! Allie has days that she'll eat baby food good and then the next she wants nothing to do with it..I think they just like to be fickle sometimes :)

Praying for Cruz...hope everything is okay!and in case you don't post again before Sunday..Happy Mother's Day!

aimee gillespie said...

I've been worried about Cruz ever since I talked to JR at the ballpark. We'll for sure be praying that everything goes well for him. Hopefully the princess starts co-operating soon and eats nicely for you :-) We'll see you guys Saturday!

Kyle Keiser said...

always wishing grace and serenity for all of you.....especially on this weekend for you and your Mom. Sending supportive prayers and virtual hugs for everyone. Always loving you.......Kyle

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Suzie! Your family is so lucky to have your support and love. I keep you all in my thoughts and wish you the best moving forward with all of these current events for Lindsay, Cruz and Cole...and your mom. I do hope these new meds are an improvement over the tylenol.

Kimberly Murray