Monday, June 7, 2010

Definitely a day to remember!

As soon as Colleen told me about the party a few months ago, I put it on my calendar and was for sure not going to miss this HUGE event! Man, am I glad that we didn't miss it! We had an incredible time with everyone at the party and met so many wonderful people that were praying for our beautiful princess too! We mingled for a little while after we arrived. Colleen had kept our arrival a secret and the look on Tommy's face when he saw his princess.....priceless!! Man that kid just loves her so! Meg (transplant NP) was also there with her husband and later on, a few of Tommy and Lindsay's special nurses, Margaret and Megan, from the floor and moderate care at U of M. After we ate a little and socialized, Colleen wanted to sing to Tommy so that people could start digging into the cake! Yummy! So, we did! Happy Heart Birthday Tommy! Then we sang again, FOR LINDSAY! So special coming from people that we barely know but felt as if they have known us forever. Yes, I cried! I could because JR was taking the photos! ha ha That beautiful pink cupcake was just for her. So special! Now looking at this picture....what does this resemble?
hmmmmm, maybe she will see this again someday? Just picture him holding a pretty, light blue box! ha ha Will she say "yes"? Time will tell how this one will play out, folks! So cute!

The happy couple ;-) Later on, Tommy referred himself as Lindsay's "mini-daddy". I about peed myself when he said that!

Precious. Both here because of selfless decisions. God is good! I'm thinking the photo on the next cover of U of M's magazine. Whatcha think?

I just loved this one! Right after we arrived, we went into the house to set our belongings down and Tommy just couldn't keep his hands off! Too cute! You can see behind Tommy, a picture frame that he made with Lindsay's picture in it when he was in the hospital over Valentine's Day. Oh, pure love I tell you!
She just loved the swing. First time ever getting to swing. She kept saying...."weeee". Again, tears!
Tom just loved making her laugh! This is Tommy, Lindsay, and nurse Margaret. So special to Tommy that she was able to come to the party. She is so special to him and to us!
Thank you for such and incredible day, Schomaker's! It was so very special to celebrate our 1 Heart Birthday's together! Thank you, Jesus, for making this possible. Your plan has been a remarkable journey so far! Through the trials and tribulations, we wouldn't change a thing!
Heart Blessings~


The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

What absolutely beautiful pictures! I have followed both blogs since before they got the gift of a new heart and I must say that they both look AMAZING!!! Thank you God!!!

The Hands said...

Love the new pictures. Lindsey looks so much like you, Susie. What an amazing day to remember for both of them. Remembering with you God's goodness.

Evie's Story said...

Unbelievably sweet!

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness what an unbreakable bond those two have! the pictures are absolutely fabulous and speak a thousand words!!!!

MissyCarson said...

Thank you for sharing, Suzie. I feel like I know so much about you and your family through our Mott family connections. What a great day you had. I appreciate your beautiful photos. God bless.

Bernie's mom

Elaine said...


Love, Elaine