Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I gave this the title that I did because Annabelle is all around lately. I mentioned earlier that a little girl was getting a new heart here at U of M today........Well, she did and she is doing well thus far. She is off bypass, which is huge!, and the family is just waiting to see her. Brittney has only been on the list since December 9th! Oh, and her last guessed it......Butcher!!!! Now, if that doesn't give you goose bumps, I don't know what will. So, my take on it is is that Annabelle is working her magic to get Lindsay her heart soon! I can be hopeful can't I? :-)
Lindsay had a wonderful evening and I left with her sleeping soundly. She is a princess for sure!
Nighty night for me! Until tomorrow.....and Merry Christmas to Brittney's family! (I now have her linked under Heart Babies.......even though she is not a baby!) :-)
Love, Suzie


Maggie Geiger said...

God is awesome! As for his angels, they are awesome also! Thank you Annebelle for watching over Lindsay and taking care of her. We will pray for Brittany and for her family as well. We will also continue to check up on her.

Dan,Maggie,Ben,& Alli Geiger

Anonymous said...

I went over to see Lindsay in the middle of the night and she was smiling in her sleep! It was so beautiful. She must be having some pretty good dreams! Hang in there girl!! I can't wait to take care of you on YOUR heart day!

Love ya--

Evie's Story said...

What a wonderful Guardian Angel Miss Annabelle gets to be to these precious little ones. We are praying asking the Lord to bring Lindsay a perfect new heart at just the right time!

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Oh this just brings tears to my eyes... I agree 100% that Annabelle is around alot! This sweet angel holds a very special place in my heart as she shares her birthday with my own daughter. I have been very fortunate to meet her wonderful mommy - as has my baby girl! They both are very very dear to me. I know she is watching over Lindsay too - getting ready to grant her a new heart and speedy recovery!!
And that is so wonderful about Brittany - prayers for you all....

Anonymous said...

I just watched Brittney's story on our local news the other day,(They live in the town next to ours)how exciting to hear that she got her new heart! If you look for the little miracles around you will surely see them. Our dear heart friends the Schoemaker's are in Moderate Care right now as Tommy is getting a treatment to help his heart function. I have spoken to you about them before, as he is awaiting a transplant as well.
As always, we keep you all close in our thoughts and prayers. This season is the time for miracles.

Heart hugs,
Stephanie and Braeden

Stephanie Winter said...

God is so good! We are praying for Miss Lindsay Raye all the time. We love you guys and can't wait for God to do more for you guys! love you and talk soon!

The Simmons Family said...

Oh sweet Annabelle... I too believe that she is watching over her friends. I PRAY that Lindsay will get her heart SOON!!

Thanks for the email.. it lifted me up and gave me that little boost of encouragement I needed!


GarretJulie said...

Suzie~ I am Laura Groen's sister. I wanted to let you know that I sent you the rest of the bracelets I had here at my house but they came back to me. I am going to resend them ASAP so you can get them. I believe I had about 20 in there. Just wanted you to know.
Julie Houston

Nancy said...

I found you through other HLHS mom's. I had no idea they could do so much for the HLHS babies in 2008. My HLHS baby was born in 1980 and they had no procedures at that time to save these babies. I'm thanking God right now for these advancements in medicine. I will pray for you and check in often for updates. May God bless you, your family and precious Heart Baby Lindsay! This is a blessing indeed!