Thursday, December 4, 2008

Good days!!

Well, to start things off, this past weekend we all went home for a couple of days. In those couple of days, Cole wanted to put the Christmas tree up. So, Sunday evening, here we are putting that tree up. He was so excited and when Cruz finally figured out what we were doing bringing all of these boxes up from the basement, he decided that this might be a fun thing to do too! If you scroll down the page, here is a picture of the tree assembly. Cole and Daddy looking like they know what they are doing.....and Cruz is standing behind them. Notice the piece of paper that he is holding........the directions!!! I'm glad they weren't listening to him. That tree would have be interesting though if they were. :-)
As you can see, our princess looks great! She has been playing, smiling, and going for more stroller rides! I was able to rock her to sleep yesterday. Life is good!
The only exciting thing going on here is that yesterday she had a urine sample taken to see if she tests positive still for VRE. If she doesn't, we can take off the contact precautions!! That would be great! Although, it is a catch 22 because of her immune system being down, we still have to be extra careful about germs, etc.
I am expecting visitors today. Aunt Carole, Uncle Robb, and Aunt Marva are coming to visit Lindsay. I am so excited and will share pictures with you from our visit this evening. Thanks for sticking with me and being patient for this post. I know that it has been a couple of days.
Have a great day everyone and for my fellow Michiganders, be careful on those roads!
Love to you all!

PS. Ute, she finally fits into that cute little cherry onsie that you bought her. She looks so good in red! Miss you!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What wonderful news! You all look so good, especially the princess. When we look at the pictures, it's hard to believe that there's really anything wrong with her.
We continue to hold all of you in our prayers and check the blog frequently for news. Thanks for taking (making) the time to update all of us stalkers--especially those of us who are out of town and tend to be out of the normal loop.
Love, Debbie and Rick

aimee gillespie said...

It was definitely worth the wait. What sweet pictures. Lindsay looks great! I'm sure the boys had a ball putting up the tree. Thanks so much for sharing these with us!


Maggie Geiger said...

I agree with Aimee, it was definitely worth the wait! Especially since their was new pics of the Princess. She looks so sweet! The kids always get so excited when there is new pictures. I'm glad that you got to spend some more time with your boys, they surely cherish every minute. Thank goodness JR had Cruz to read the directions for the tree. TOO CUTE!!!!!

Dan,Maggie,Ben,& Alli Geiger

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the new update and pictures. How great to see all of those smiles!!!!! Lindsay is growing so quickly. I agree with Debbie, it is so hard to believe that anything is wrong. Lindsay looks so good. We love you and thank you for letting us be a part of your life!

Love, Alison

Katie said...

She looks awesome! And so happy too :) What a blessing and many prayers are being answered!!! Keep it up Lindsay girl! Lots of love and hugs to you all-
Katie & Maddie

Anonymous said...

Suzie, thanks for the update and all the good things that are going on right now. Love the pictures, you all look soooo good! Those boys are just too cute too! I bet that was such fun with those boys putting up that tree! Those years are the best - the things they say and do! You are all still in my Prayers and they seem to be doing their job! God is Good! Love/Hugs! Sara Dziewicki

Anonymous said...

Lindsay looks so great in those pictures. Red is definitley her color. Keep the smiles coming! Glad you and Jr. were able to spend some fun time with the boys...they are such big helpers! We'll be thinking about you through the Holidays as usual. Take care!
Travis, Jill & Reagan

ST said...

What great pics!! She is so cute! How nice that she is getting stroller rides, time in the Bumbo and of course Mommy time :)
Sara Bussema Teitelman

The B Family said...

Squeeze those chunky little thighs for me, Suzie! Lindsay looks amazing!
Glad the tree turned out well...oh, boys! It was good to see at least one of them looking at the directions! :)
We're feeling much better down here...I will call you in the next day!
Love to you~ Rebecca