Monday, December 22, 2008

Home.....and allot going on!

At around 4pm today, the boys, including my husband :-), and I left Ann Arbor to come home for the Christmas festivities. I think that was the hardest thing yet. Leaving Lindsay to go to parties and open presents without her. I am just bummed tonight and trust me, because of it, I am calling constantly to check in on her!!! The harder thing though is that before we left, she had spiked a fever and was not feeling the greatest, we could just tell. She was pretty pale and was not her smiling self. Of course we spoke up and the nurse also mentioned at that time that she also hadn't slept allot. RED LIGHT!! What?!! Yep, she's getting sick. The nurse, whom we hadn't had before kind of looked at me strange and then said, "Let's take her temp again." Took it and sure enough, she had spiked. So, the whole process of cultures and then antibiotics begins. The other thing that the nurse had indicated was that she had been only keeping down 1/2 or 3/4 of her feeds. Well, in the past, if she had gotten sick, we sort of estimate what she threw up and then gave back to her what she lost. Simple thing right? Well, apparently it is now an issue so the poor girl has an NG back in her nose and will be on continuous feeds for 24 hours to see how she does. The problem is that they don't want her to end up getting dehydrated but my logic is that is you give back what she threw up, are we not helping to control that? Is it that she just doesn't feel good? or is it that mommy and daddy have the touch in feeding her? I think the ladder of the three but who am I? ha ha Anyway, we have one of our favorite nurses in Moderate Care tonight, Mindy, and we had a long discussion on what was going to happen tonight and for the next couple. That is the problem with the holidays and the medical field. Too many of our regular staff are off on vacation and then explaining things all over again to the ones taking over. Things get mixed up and not followed through with and just plain frustrating! Especially when you are dealing with a princess. Seriously, not just because she's cute either! Because she really needs things to be done just so and she has proven that time and time again. WOW, thanks for letting me vent! ha ha
The boys were not so excited to see the Grinch today at the hospital but they were certainly open to taking presents from him! ha ha We did get a photo with him that I will post later. Also, at the Ronald McDonald House, they had a room filled with gifts that parents could pick from for thier kids. We could pick one per child, wrap them, and then have them placed in our room so that when we got back to Ann Arbor, the boys will be excited to see that Santa didn't forget them there too! So cool and what a wonderful thing for RMH to do. Takes a little stress away for families I'm sure!
Tomorrow is a big day for Lindsay and the Dean family. Lindsay's blood drive is tomorrow and then in the afternoon, Channel 3 News will be here at the house to interview us about Lindsay and her condition to raise awareness about CHD's. I am really excited about this and looking forward to seeing people at the blood drive.
Hope everyone is staying warm!
Love, Suzie

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Elaine said... just vent, vent, vent!!! We are here to love and support you and WE all know you are rarely wrong when it comes to the hang in there...keep calling them, and your Prayer Warriors will crank it up about that dumb old infection.

I know it is hard to leave her, but wow, we are so excited to see you tomorrow at the blood drive. And I KNOW your adorable boys love having you home. As long as Lindsay is getting good care (this is where your phone calls fit in!), this is probably where you are supposed to be.

We love you...see you tomorrow,