Friday, December 5, 2008

I had more visitors!!!!

Yesterday we had a great visit with Aunt Carole, Uncle Rock! haha...Robb, and Great Great Aunt Marva! As you can tell, Lindsay didn't get any attention! ha ha I think she was the highlite of their day. It was so good for them to see her smiling again. Food for the soul for sure! After Lindsay fell asleep, we stepped out for a late lunch that was incredible. So good to have conversations that don't include talking about arteries, ventricles, and function! Thanks for the great day!
Love to you all!


Elaine said...

Oh, Suzie...I LOVE all the pictures..everyone looks so happy holding Lindsay...they almost glow! Especially Aunt Carole...does she not age or what??? She looks just like she did when you were a little girl! Obviously our Princess brings out the best in everyone. It has been such a long road this time, and it is just so heartwarming to see her looking so happy and adorable, being held and loved by so many special friends and family. You know...she has been a blessing for so many of us in so many ways...she has made life more special, more precious and more meaningful. If I haven't said this lately, thank you for sharing this journey with all of us.

Love and hugs, Elaine

Anonymous said...

Lindsay looks great. What great pictures you got. I miss you already. Thank you for coming to Connors funeral I will never forget it.


Stephanie said...

I love the pictures! Looks like you had some great visiting time recently and Lindsay has had plenty of love and tlc! She is looking great!! I just can't get enough of her big beautiful blue eyes!Hope you guys have a great weekend

Our Family said...

Beautiful pictures, Suzie! We still pray for Lindsay each night. She looks so BIG and LONG!!!! I pray that you guys have a wonderful weekend. God bless!


Anonymous said...

ok I am such a dork, I was going to say that i liked carole's blue dress and then realized that she was covered, well you can tell her she looks good in blue! I just thought I would share that thought and give you a laugh! Everyone looks great!

Maggie Geiger said...

Could the Princess be any cuter???? I just gush every time I see a new picture & she's not even mine! It's nice to see her getting love from so many. Elaine is right, we do owe you so much for sharing your journey us. Your family has enriched all of our lives by letting us be a part of yours.


The Simmons Family said...

What a DOLL!! I wish I could be one of her MANY visitors!! She looks so GOOD.. isn't it deceiving? They look so WONDERFUL on the outside .. who'd have guessed they'd need a new heart on the inside?

What a sweetheart!


Anonymous said...

Linda told me to check out the comments--particularly my pretty new blue dress. Thanks Jessica, I do try to dress in blue--ha, ha! After over a month away, this was just what the doctor ordered for me, let alone Lindsay. Yesterday with the boys was a treat, Uncle Rock got big hugs and kisses and was thrilled. Love you all so much/AuntC and UncleR

Anonymous said...


Your baby girl is simply beautiful. Those big blue eyes are just riveting. I'm so glad she is starting to feel more like herself again. What strength she has!

We are rooting for her in California!

Jen Lindsay

Uncle Dan said...

Awesome that you had so much company. Little Lindsay is so darn cute! We miss her dearly!

Uncle Dan, Brae-Brae, and Camden