Friday, December 19, 2008

The Princess has a Christmas Tree!

Here it is folks! Perfect, just like the Princess. This was so much fun to put up! I do have to admit that I took a little of the tree idea from Rebecca with including some of Lindsay's hair bows.;-)
I found the heart ornaments earlier this year and they couldn't be more perfect! The bummer part is that we can't plug it in. Oh well, hospital rules.............
Lindsay has had a great day again and the boys had a great time in the play rooms today. Of course they saw Lindsay for about 10 minutes out of the whole day and then went and played. That gave mommy and daddy one on one with each of them and that was so nice to do. Praying for another uneventful day with Lindsay tomorrow.
Love, Suzie


Jonathan said...

Glad to hear she had a good day today. Tanner loved the play rooms at Boston Children's. He knew every spot of that hospital. He was there everyday except for one day. I am sure it was good for Lindsay to see them and know they were still there. I know that our Lindsay was glad to have Tanner there all the time. He would always go to her bedside and talk to her and tell her what he did that day. Those were priceless times! I love the tree to. Praying for Lindsay all the time and your family also.

Anonymous said...

Hello Suzie and family!
Sorry I have not written in a while. I do check in often to see how your sweet little girl is doing even though I may not leave a message each time. Ethan prays each night for Lindsay along with all of his heart buddies.
I had hoped to get up there to Mott for a visit this week but unfortunately, our schedule & time did not allow. Our heart buddy Tommy was admitted this week and is still there. Did you get the chance to meet him and his mom?
Your blog is great and the photos of Lindsay are absolutely precious!
We are thinking of you and praying for Christmas blessings and miracles.
Heart hugs,
Sandy, Ethan (8,HLHS & PLE) and the rest of our family too!

Anonymous said...

Hello Suzie and Family,

I have reading your blog for about two months or so now. I just wanted to let you know your family is my thoughts and prayers.


Amber (Locsi) Watson
An old twirling buddy!!!

The B Family said...

PERFECT & SO PRECIOUS! I love her tree! Those little heart ornaments are so cute! I know Lindsay is enjoying it!
It's a joy to have your family back together, I'm sure...praying for you all and for Lindsay's new HIS perfect timing!
Love you~ Rebecca

Stephanie said...

I love that she has a tree..just wish she could be home at Christmas time this year! What an amazing beautiful little girl you have! Thank you for letting us share in her journey!

Maggie Geiger said...

Every Princess needs their own Christmas tree! It looks beautiful! I agree, I wish that it was at home, but she is right where she needs to be for now! As always praying for your baby girl and your family. So glad that you are getting to spend time together & hopefully I will see you at the blood drive on Tuesday, I have a gift for you guys! I'm supposed to be there from 12:30-2:30.

Heart Hugs,
The Geigers

Tobi said...

Hi, my name is Tobi and I am a Mother, Grandmother, and teacher. I have been following Lindsay’s blog for several months, along with other Children with CHD, and I found myself asking, “Why am I following these lives?”, and I think I now have the answer. I want to help. God knows you are all in my prayers everyday – several times a day. I have posted a blog entry into my blog briefly summarizing a few things I have observed while reading about these Very Special Children, and would like to use my blog as a way of spreading the word about the needs of these families and children. I have also included the CHD Awareness button on my site. My blog is not greatly visited, but I will try to do some things that will increase traffic.

I do not have money at this time to donate, but do have time, and possibly can help in some way to create graphics or something! I am a graphic artist and crafts person (former Social Worker) and could possibly do something to help out. I teach computer applications at a middle school with certifications in Art, Computer Applications/Technology and Special Education!

You may receive a lot of letters like this, but please know I am sincere in my offerings.

I wish for you and your family a very Merry Christmas. I pray that Lindsay will soon get her new heart. If you find time, let me know what I can do.


Anonymous said...

I check daily and am glad to see the Princess is doing well and love those pictures with her huge smile!

Christmas Blessings!!

Uncle Dan said...


I just saw Brittney's article on regarding her heart transplant. It is a moving story! Just lets us all know that there is hope and all things can be done through Christ who strengthens us! The website is:

Have fun with the boys and give Lindsay a hug and kiss from her uncle and her cousins!

Uncle Dan

Susie Maxwell said...

Glad to see that you got the 'elf video' to post! I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you about that, I just saw your comment today! The tree is beautiful and so fitting for the princess. I've been loving all the sweet pics of Lindsay and the whole family. Wishing you guys a great holiday and praying for that angel heart to come soon! Lots of love, Susie (Teagan's mom)