Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Princess is in the Christmas Spirit!

Today she has had a great day full of eating, continuously low potassium, and lots of holiday spirit. To try and fix the potassium issue, the doctors have decided to try her on a dose at 5 instead of 4 and then do a 4.5 dose every 3 hours from here on out to see if she maintains at some point. Hopefully this will work. The boys have had a great day as well. All of the Christmas things including a short visit with Santa himself up in the Family Resource Center at the hospital. Cole did the family project in the craft session and decided to make us a Christmas tree. He did a great job and Cruz even approved of his workmanship. We then came back to the house for some chores, Cruz had a nap, Cole played in the playroom, and then a church came in to make BREAKFAST for us tonight for dinner. Needless to say the kids loved it and now I am getting ready to go back to the hospital for some time with Lindsay and her next feeding. JR is staying back with the boys at the house to play with the new toys that they got from the party this afternoon. More pictures to enjoy!

Love to you all!


Katie said...

Sounds like you're having a great time with the boys with all of the fun holiday activities. So happy for Lindsay's good days and praying for many more. I admire you so much Suzie...I know it's got to be hard at times, especially spending Christmas in the hospital but you are truly making the BEST of it and the memories your family is making while at U of M will last a lifetime. Wishing you the best Christmas and give that sweet baby girl a hug from us!
My love & friendship,

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Glad to hear it was a great day!!! Lindsay has beautiful big eyes - I love this picture!!!

Suzan said...

So glad you guys are getting in some much needed family time! Sounds like you are all having a blast! As for The Princess, so good to hear she is continuing to have good days! Keep it up Lindsay Loo! She looks so can anyone not fall in love with those big blue eyes! Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas, we miss you all so much!

Love you!

P.S. I LOVE Lindsay's tree...too cute!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Kayleigh Freeman's website. I have begun to check in every day and I will keep baby Lindsay in my prayers. She is BEAUTIFUL! I have three boys and a princess and I just can't imagine what you have been through. She really is so adorable - I love those eyes!
Keeping you all in my prayers!
Prayer warrior from Cincinnati,

Evie's Story said...

Merry Christmas sweetheart! Looking beautiful! Love your tree too!

Anonymous said...

HI you guys,,,The tree is just beautiful,,but of course it had to be for our princess!! I'm glad Cole is getting to "paint something", he really wanted to do some the other day, but it wasn't early enough to start it, but that was the only craft he was interested in that day!! I'm so glad she looks so well, probably enjoying her whole family around her. I'm taking gifts for kids over to Stephanie's tomorrow or Mon., I hope, hear that Steph?, and Jr said she could put them in the house for me, ok?
Keep up the great results, and Aunt Dani and I will check in on her when I get to OR on Tue, yea.
love and prayers to all,
Don and Brenda

Maggie Geiger said...

Wearing an "I Love Santa" outfit can't hurt in the present department! Such a smart Princess! We were so glad to hear that you guys are enjoying your family time. Please be very careful when you are traveling back to Parchment, & hopefully we will see you Tuesday.

The Geigers

Anonymous said...

How can a little girl that looks that wonderful need a heart??? She looks soooo good and hopefully she holds strong while she waits for that new heart. She is in my prayers daily!