Monday, December 29, 2008

We've been busy!!!

Hi all! Sorry it has been a little while since I have posted but we have had the boys here in Ann Arbor with us and it keeps us plenty busy. Plus, my computer decided to not work all of a sudden so I have to post from the computers at the RMH and sometimes that can be tough to find the opportunity........29 rooms and two computers..........tough.
Before I forget to add this, I'm going to do it right in the beginning. My good friend Patti has graciously given me a link to a slideshow of all of the wonderful pictures that she captured on her visit to Ann Arbor a few weeks ago. She, again, did a fantastic job and we are so very lucky to have had her to take these precious photos for us. Enjoy!

Update on Lindsay:
Well, we are in PCTU again because of a potassium issue. This time she had the irregular heart rhythms and a dip in her heart rate because her K was too high. So again we are going through the steps of tweaking her and so far so good. We received the phone call the morning before last and JR and I thought it was THE call. Talk about our heart rates jumping into a high level!!! It was 4:30 am and the doctor was just calling to tell us what had happened and that when we came to see her in the morning, that she would be in the PCTU for more monitoring. The good news is that none of this is a heart issue and just regulating her potassium. We have also started her on oral feeds again so that is especially nice because we haven't done that now for over a week! She will be on 60cc's every two hours for a few days and then we will get back to the 90 cc's every 3 hours. They also have backed down on her diuretics because she was really dry. She has also not been gaining weight like they want her to so hopefully with the diuretic every 12 hours instead of every eight will help. She needs to get beefy to prepare for that heart!!!!
Again, sorry it has been a while since I have updated. We sure do appreciate the continued support and prayers for our family. Keep them coming because my husband has an incling that the heart is coming soon. Let's hope he is right on!
Love you all!


The Simmons Family said...

Thanks for the update... we were worried about ya'll. I too have an incling that Lindsay's heart is coming SOON. I think she's back in PCTU because she misses all the attention she gets from her nurses... but hey, I could be wrong! :)

Prayers continue from AZ!


Anonymous said...

We keep praying for a new heart. Next week is a new year, maybe a new year will bring a new heart for Linsay. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Love Retta and Wade.

Amanda-The Family News! said...

I love the pics of the litte Miss!!!
I hope you all get THE call VERY soon!!! Many prayers for it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the slideshow! I too am thinking new year, new heart!!

Michelle said...

Suzie and J.R.,

We loved the slideshow! What a beautiful little princess you have! My favorite pictures are the feet and the ones with the big stocking cap! Glad you can have the boys with you... it's nice to be home with ours, but SO noisy and chaotic! We have some readjusting to do! We keep praying for Lindsay and for a heart to come soon! Good to hear she is back on oral feeds... get big and strong, Lindsay! Kansas has you in their prayers!


Anonymous said...

Lindsay is BEAUTIFUL! She truly is a gorgeous princess. Her face just makes me smile! I will keep her in my prayers every day!


Maggie Geiger said...

The Princess wants what a Princess wants! All the attention! I love it! Not the fact that she is back in the PICU but that she loves the sttention.
Thank you for posting the slideshow, it is beautiful! Enjoy your time with the boys.

The Geigers

Anonymous said...

The slide show was just beautiful!! Our family can never get enough pictures of Lindsay. We are happy to hear that you could spend some time at home during Christmas and yet go be with Lindsay too. Rich loved seeing you at the blood drive (before he bleeped out on everyone). Hope Lindsay LOVED her little token gift from Aunt Alison. I saw it and couldn't resist! Love you guys!!! Here's to a much better and healthy 2009!!

Love, Alison

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Lindsay every day... and for your whole family. It has been too long that you have had to split the state, and we are praying that her heart will come soon and that you will all get to go home and be together for good.

I don't know what we can say about going back to the PCTU... you know as well as anyone the kind of care that Lindsay is getting and how many nurses and doctors are keeping an eye on her. She is loved by so many, it hardly even seems like it matters which part of the building she hangs out in. They will get everything tweaked to where it needs to be... get her strong and ready for when her heart shows up.

We miss you guys. We may have to come visit soon. Take care until then...

Love, the Dicksons

The Mason Family said...

Love the pictures; Patti did an awesome job!!! I love the ones with the stocking cap...and her gorgeous blue eyes...good thing Princess Lindsay has two older brothers! Praying that a new heart comes soon. Best wishes...

Shannon Mason (Carlie's mom)

The B Family said...

Praying for Lindsay's NEW heart in the New Year...or maybe before! I've got an incling that JR's incling is right on!

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Love you so much~ Rebecca

Heather said...

JR and Suzie: The slide show was amazing. Thanks for sharing. We're continuing to pray. Heather and the Whole Erbe family.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful. Her big blue eyes are amazing. Hoping the new year brings good things for you guys... Happy 2009!
Cheryl, Craig, Clayton and Grace

Krissy said...

Hi, I'm Krissy.
We were also in Moderate Care with Lindsay. Our daughter is Sofia, who is also waiting for a heart. We are in general care now, just moved today, but the other morning when I saw that Lindsay was gone, I got very worried. Courtney Scruggs told us about Lindsay. We are right next door if you ever want to chat. Sofia has HLHS also, so we know how things go with this. I'm really glad to hear that it was just a potassium issue. Sofi has issues with that as well. It was nice to see Lindsay brought back to moderate care today!
Love Krissy (your nosy neighbor.. hehe)

Krissy said...

woops, I forgot to add that i ADORE those photos of Lindsay! What a beauty she is, and your friend, Patti, captured that beauty perfectly! Thank you for sharing those!

The Davidson Family said...

Happy New Year Dean Family!

Let the new year bring you new things especially that new heart.

We are praying for you and thinking of you everyday.

Have a great day, The Davidson Gang

Anonymous said...

Finley (from PMCP) and her family have been praying for you since day one...we view Lindsay's blog daily...know that we are thinking of you...Lindsay is absolutely gorgeous!
Ann, Jeff, Evan and Finley Green

aimee gillespie said...

Love the slideshow... I sure hope JR is right! We pray that the new year brings Lindsay a new heart!

Aimee, Steve, Ryan & Hannah

Katie said...

What awesome pictures to treasure. There is just something about those sparkly and radiant. Lindsay is such a beautiful baby. I loved your interview too, it was fun "seeing you in person" since I already feel like I know you, ha ha! Susie, you are on my heart and in my prayers, hang in there. Happy New Year to your family from ours. Many prayers for that new heart to come very soon!!!
Love you guys,

Amanda Groulx said...

Happy New Year little one!! We love you and are hoping for a great 2009 for all of you!

Amanda, Ryan, Sonora, Maizy, and Owen

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year,

Well the last time I try to post (from home) nothing happened. Stupid computer anyway.

So hope this goes through. Reagan is trying to help me this morning. Wishing and praying for a great 2009.

We love you All.

Steve and Tina