Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things have been going just fine

The last two days, Lindsay has been doing just great. She has been very happy and smiling all the time. I just can't get enough of her!! Doctors adjusted her oral dose of K when she was moved back to moderate care and then today they brought it back down a bit to try and prevent too much of a drop after her diuretics. Last night she caused quite a stir because after her 6pm diuretics, her K dipped to 1.8! That is waaaaay too low! Now, before, she had a problem when she hit the 2.0 mark so needless to say, 2 attendings, one fellow from the PCTU, and a few residents just watched her for a minute to see if she would have the same drop in heart rate as before. Well, now they are stumped because she didn't even have a PVC! (irregular heart rythm) Meanwhile, nurse Mindy was hanging her IV dose of K and the next draw was just fine. So, pray this adjustment goes fine and that she doesn't go that low again! Man, we need a vacation!!!
Otherwise, things are going well and I am looking forward to my husband and boys visiting this weekend. Not sure what we are going to do since it is -5 degrees!!! Yes, all of you southern folk.
-5 degrees!!! So, i might have them bring lots of movies and some microwave popcorn. Maybe a few board games too. All for now. I will post more pictures later. The wireless internet has been acting up here at the house and the managers said that it seems to do that when it gets super cold outside. I hope Dad and Sue are having fun in Florida. (sense the sarcasm??) ha ha Hope you have a good time!
Love to you all!


Maggie Geiger said...

So glad to hear that Lindsay is doing so well this week. No news is good news, but I do go through withdrawls!
Have fun this weekend with the boys, whatever you end up doing. Whatever you do, you will all be together, so that is what matters! As for your Dad & Sue being in Florida, that's just plain RUDE! Just teasing!!!

Dan,Maggie,Ben,& ALLI Geiger

Evie's Story said...

Buuuurrr! I dont envy your weather one bit:-)
Little missy likes to keep em' guessing doesnt she? And yes, you DO need a vacation (in a much warmer climate)...and a day at the spa...and a lot of pampering and TLC! Hope Miss Lindsay will have her new heart and the two of you can steal away for a pedicure SOON! Praying for that sweetheart and wish we were closer to participate and help with the Sweet Heart dinner - how neat!
Love to you both

The B Family said...

Wow...I don't think negatives even register down here! We are flipping out because tomorrow morning it's supposed to be like 10degrees and the high today is only 38ish! I don't even think we're going outside today!!!
Little Lindsay pulled through again...she's amazing! Praying that the new dosing works well for her...and that you have a wonderful time with your boys this weekend!
Love to you all~ Rebecca

Katie said...

Have a wonderful weekend with the boys :) So happy to hear that Lindsay's having great days, praying that they continue. Thinking of our Michigan Heart Friends and sending our love your way!
Katie & Maddie

The Mason Family said...
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The Mason Family said...

So glad that Lindsay continues to do well and is so HAPPY! Sending lots of ‘warm’ love from sunny southern California (I think we reached 81 today)!

Uncle Dan said...

Wow! That is as cold as good ole big blue's offense this past year. Lindsay looks really great in those pictures! Thinking about you from sunny, warm, Pensacola, FL.


Uncle Dan, Braeden, and Camden.