Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feeding Issues????

The shirt says it all!

Nope! Much better day today than yesterday. Lindsay had a lot of throw ups and so needless to say that raised the red flag on the princess. Enough so, that talk of putting a G-tube in was had. WHAT?!!!! No way! I agree, if she absolutely needs it, but come on! Thank you Lord that today has been much better and she is keeping it all down. It was simple just an off kind of day for her. This transplant needs to come soon! I just have this fear of all of these unnecessary things having to happen because too much time has passed and now they will be necessary. YIKES! One day at a time. All in all, this has been a great week and she has been very happy and playful. So wonderful to be around her when she is like this! Priceless for sure and trying to make an imprint in my mind of everything that she is doing. That tires me out in itself!
We also had a nice visit with Aunt Carole and Uncle Robb yesterday. Lindsay made them smile as always. :-)
Meg and Dr. G have stopped by a few times this week and said that because she is doing so well, they are going to keep being extremely selective with the heart that they accept for her. God knows we have the time for now but if she is failing and in the ICU, they will accept anything close and that makes sense. We are praying that we stay right where we are at and that she continues to grow and keep her feeds down. Doesn't seem like much but it really is with a heart baby.
Please continue the prayers in Lindsay's direction!
Love, Suzie


The Simmons Family said...

Of course we continue to pray! I see she's been sporting new gear with the NG and O2... Owen is starting a trend. :)

We pray that her heart comes soon!!

Stephanie said...

What precious pictures and she definitely is a princess!!!!

Praying for the perfect heart and for no unnecessary procedures beforehand!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzie, we sure are praying for the perfect heart for her as well.
She sure looks cute in her pink shirt!! The boys loved playing and riding bikes outside today, and looking forward to another beautiful day tomorrow!! Love and prayers your way.
Don and Brenda

Elaine said...

Hi Suzie and Lindsay,
As much as I love the Easter pix, I just LOVE the one on top of her page...that sweet face and big eyes looking right at me...soooo sweet. You are a great photographer, Mom! And the Princess T-shirt...Hilarious!!!! Your sense of humor is what is keeping you going and even though this is all serious stuff, you need the relief from stress a good laugh gives you.

I like what the doctor said and I agree with you that it makes sense...she is doing so well right now and you are all watching her so closely. Good call on the feeding tube...Lindsay has always been a good eater and YOU know your baby!! THAT'S WHY YOU ARE THERE!!

Know that we love you and are praying for that perfect heart at the perfect time for our precious Lindsay,

Love, Elaine

The Hands said...

Yes, we are praying for that Heaven sent "perfect" heart for Miss Lindsay. I'm feeling the urgency too. Maybe tomorrow!!! Enjoy the moments.
Love ya!

Trisha said...

The prayers will continue for Lindsay forever!!! I think about her all the time. I was outside with my boys today and I thought about how I wished so much that she would get her heart and be outside running around next summer!!! All in good time I guess, but my thoughts are with Lindsay for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Thanks for the update, I think about you and Lindsay everyday. I keep praying that Lindsay will get a new heart soon. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you, Love Aunt Retta and Wade.

Diana said...

What adorable pictures! Glad to hear things are going well. Will keep praying for the perfect heart for Princess Lindsay.

Mimi said...

I feel the same way about the G tube. It's just more "thing" that seems unnessary. I agree, if it's necessary- I will deal, but to hand her over again?! I hope see can keep it down. I know many moms who love the G tube, but I am not there yet.

I know exactingly how you feel about how the longer you wait the more opportunity for things to happen. Mia's hickman line came out 4 times- and she had to keep going back to IR to get it re-tunnel through her skin. I literally thought I was going to burst every time they told me it needed to be replaced. I started never leaving her room so no dressing changes would occur without me around.

I keep thinking that any day one of these little babies are going to get that call.

I think about you guys a lot and I hope you get that call soon!