Friday, October 16, 2009

Positives and Negatives

Positives are that Princess Lindsay is feeling MUCH better and has been playing with her favorite nurses and staff members all day. (with a few naps in between) She also has been given the ok for possible discharge tomorrow. We will cross our fingers but I see no reason not to at this point. The other positive was the she tested positive for c-diff again. Antibiotics are on board and healing has begun. Negatives are that she tested negative for influenza (thank god!!!) and for strep. Negative has been the result of every other blood test also!!!! YIPPEEE!
That's the update for now. Sorry this is super quick but I have eyes over my shoulder the end this because the computer lab is closing ;-)
More updates again soon!
Love, Suzie


Uncle Dan said...

Great news Sis! She's a fighter!! Go Lindsay...She needs to get back home because she has some cousins waiting to play with!! :)

Uncle Dan

Maggie Geiger said...

So glad to hear it! She is such a DRAMA QUEEN! Wanted to keep all of us on our toes. Some of us have been lacking on the stalking of the blog and she needed all attention on her. LOVE IT!!!!

The Geigers

Evie's Story said...

Great grateful its something treatable with simple antibiotics! Praise God!

Kacie Catlett said...

This is great news! Lindsay definetly keeps everyone on their toes. God has wonderful things in store for Lindsay. What a powerful and majestic God he is!

Praising HIS marvelous works for God is SOOOO GOOD!!!

The Catletts

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Glad to hear Lindsay is doing good!!

Love, The Martin Family

Stephanie said...

Relieved to hear she is doing well and the results are in! Praying the antibiotics continue to work and she's home tomorrow :)

Michelle said...

LOVE the negatives! For a moment you had me worried... Poor little baby... she just gets hit so hard when she's sick. We're just thanking God she's in the right place and it's something they can treat. Hope you're all doing well and able to get some rest. Zachary sends hugs and kisses (big, wet, sloppy, open mouth kisses.)



Anonymous said...

Wheew! That was scary!! Praying for a fast recovery, and giving thanks that it is NOT rejection!!
Gramma TJC

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Great news! More prayers answered! Hope this is your last hospital stay for a LONG time :)